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SSL certificate generator

by IlyaM (Parson)
on Aug 07, 2003 at 14:00 UTC ( #281897=CUFP: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

I routinely create self subscribed SSL certs for testing purposes. So I wrote this script to automate this process:
#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use IPC::Run qw(start run); my $hostname = shift @ARGV; die "Usage: make_cert HOSTNAME" unless defined $hostname; { print "CREATE THE KEY AND REQUEST:\n\n"; my @cmd = qw(openssl req -new -keyout temp.pem -out temp.csr); my @io = ('Enter PEM pass phrase:', 'test', 'Verifying password - Enter PEM pass phrase:', 'test', 'Country Name.*:', 'UK', 'State.*:', 'Warwickshire', 'Locality Name.*:', 'Kenilworth', 'Organization Name.*:', 'Iponweb Ltd', 'Organizational Unit Name.*:', '', 'Common Name.*:', $hostname, 'Email Address.*', '', 'A challenge password.*:', '', 'An optional company name.*:', ''); expect(cmd => \@cmd, io => \@io); print "\n"; } { print "REMOVE THE PASSPHRASE FROM THE KEY:\n\n"; my @cmd = qw(openssl rsa -in temp.pem -out temp.key); my @io = ('Enter PEM pass phrase:', 'test'); expect(cmd => \@cmd, io => \@io); print "\n"; } { print "CREATE THE KEY AND REQUEST:\n\n"; my @cmd = qw(openssl x509 -in temp.csr -out temp.cert -req -signke +y temp.key -days 365); my @io = (); expect(cmd => \@cmd, io => \@io); print "\n"; } { print "PREPARING FILES:\n\n"; unlink 'temp.csr'; my $cert = $hostname . '.cert'; rename 'temp.cert', $cert; my $key = $hostname . '.key'; rename 'temp.key', $key; print "$cert and $key are ready for usage\n\n"; } sub expect { my %param = @_; my @io = @{$param{io}}; my $out; my $in; my $h = start($param{cmd}, '<pty<', \$in, '>pty>', \$out); my $last_length = 0; while(1) { my $expected = shift @io; last unless defined $expected; my $input = shift @io; last unless defined $input; until($out =~ /\G.*$expected/sgc) { $h->pump; local $| = 1; print substr $out, $last_length; $last_length = length $out; } $in .= $input . "\n"; } $h->finish; print substr $out, $last_length; }

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