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by woolfy (Hermit)
on Aug 12, 2003 at 11:55 UTC ( #283154=user: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??


  • Giant female (6'6")
  • Vegetarian
  • Dutch, not in Amsterdam
  • Stubborn, cats, teasing, reading, movies, SF
  • Headbanging speedmetalhead: Kiss, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Annihilator, Testament, Within Temptation
  • Concerta/Ritalin-taking ADHD, sometimes nervous, often just being silly hyperactive
  • Politician, former council member, member of Dutch liberal party (yeah, a politician)
  • Radical atheist
  • Beginning writer, mostly SF
  • Love whisky and whiskey, especially Laphroaigh, Glenrothes and Connemara
  • Sometimes I bark at the moon, play tag or tap someone "on the other shoulder", while trying to look like an innocent lovable 40-year old


  • 1983: Pascal (never used it outside the classroom)
  • 1986: dBase III+ and Basic (horrible, never used them outside the classroom)
  • 1987: TenCORE (amazingly good CBT development system and programming language, helped me provide for my income for over 7 years), Lisp (yegh blergh), C (did 2 $projects)
  • 1994: Perl, mostly minor work until 1997
  • 1994 etc: bits and pieces of PHP, Javas‎crip‎t, C++, not enough to be able to work with it, enough to stick with Perl

Learned the basics of Perl in 1994. For years I mostly did simple basic things with Perl like s‎crip‎ts for forms and server logs. In 1999 tried to learn more. In 2003 I tried again and even made a japh. I'll be quiet mostly, read and vote, and learn a lot. So that's what I wrote my first Meditation about: Where and how to start learning Perl. I made a Dutch translation, slightly adapted.

Still not feeling comfortable to answer questions. Most of my own questions I answer myself, using the immense amount of books, websites, monk and monger stuff, usenet and documentation that's available. The things I can't figure out myself, I ask liz, who's my colleague and partner and wife (we married March 1, 2005)(yes, in The Netherlands it's possible for 2 women to marry).

Monk history (it's a silly game and I use it as such, nice toy)
initiate 0-19 2003-08-12
novice 20-49 2003-08-14
acolyte 50-99 2003-08-15
scribe 100-199 2003-08-16
monk 200-499 2003-08-19
friar 500-999 2003-09-22
abbot 1000-1599 2003-12-04
bishop 1600-2299 2004-02-04
pontiff 2300-2999 2004-05-12
saint 3000+ 2004-08-06
saint #190 4160 2004-12-03

I was amazed at the ease I gained XP, that I even became a rather high ranking Saint (well, in the old system, before October 2005). Completely undeserved, because my Perl skills were (and still are) not even enough to work with modules or databases. At some point, I started to dislike this XP game. I decided to start over, so I visited thepen and lost XP. My downfall:
pontiff 2300-2999 2004-12-08
bishop 1600-2299 2004-12-13
abbot 1000-1599 2004-12-18
friar 500-999 2004-12-23
monk 200-499 2004-12-29
scribe 100-199 2005-01-03
acolyte 50-99 2005-01-05
novice 20-49 2005-01-07
initiate 0-19 2005-01-08
novice 20-49 2005-01-10

I was planning to stay at novice-level until I would feel more confident about my Perl skills. My skills improved a little bit, and because the ranking system changed in a very interesting way, I thought I'd stop using thepen for a while.

acolyte 50-89 2005-11-10
sexton 90-149 2005-11-26
beadle 150-249 2005-12-12
scribe 250-399 2006-01-07
monk 400-599 2006-03-02
pilgrim 600-899 2006-04-??
friar 900-1299 2006-05-11

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