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Re: Keyboard traversal for Tk::Notebook

by converter (Priest)
on Sep 12, 2003 at 19:18 UTC ( #291164=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Keyboard traversal for Tk::Notebook

I've tested a simple two-page NoteBook here and have no problems with the key bindings on my Linux box, so either there's a problem with Tk::NoteBook on your platform, or you're doing something wrong in your code.

It would be very helpful if you would post a small snippet of code that illustrated the problem so that other monks could run the same test on their machines and compare their results with yours.


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Re: Re: Keyboard traversal for Tk::Notebook
by Anonymous Monk on Sep 15, 2003 at 14:17 UTC
    This code is straight from the widget demo, and I'm still unable to select a tab using ALT or CTRL
    # Notebook, selectable pages. use Tk; use Tk::DialogBox; use Tk::NoteBook; use Tk::LabEntry; my $name = "Rajappa Iyer"; my $email = "rsi\"; my $os = "Linux"; use vars qw($top); $top = MainWindow->new; my $pb = $top->Button(-text => "Notebook", -command => \&donotebook); $pb->pack; MainLoop; my $f; sub donotebook { if (not defined $f) { # The current example uses a DialogBox, but you could just # as easily not use one... replace the following by # $n = $top->NoteBook(-ipadx => 6, -ipady => 6); # Of course, then you'd have to take care of the OK and Cancel # buttons yourself. :-) $f = $top->DialogBox(-title => "Personal Profile", -buttons => ["OK", "Cancel"]); my $n = $f->add('NoteBook', -ipadx => 6, -ipady => 6); my $address_p = $n->add("address", -label => "Address", -underline + => 0); my $pref_p = $n->add("pref", -label => "Preferences", -underline = +> 0); $address_p->LabEntry(-label => "Name: ", -labelPack => [-side => "left", -anchor => "w"], -width => 20, -textvariable => \$name)->pack(-side => "top", -anchor => "nw +"); $address_p->LabEntry(-label => "Email Address:", -labelPack => [-side => "left", -anchor => "w"], -width => 50, -textvariable => \$email)->pack(-side => "top", -anchor => "n +w"); $pref_p->LabEntry(-label => "Operating System:", -labelPack => [-side => "left"], -width => 15, -textvariable => \$os)->pack(-side => "top", -anchor => "nw") +; $n->pack(-expand => "yes", -fill => "both", -padx => 5, -pady => 5, -side => "top"); } my $result = $f->Show; if ($result =~ /OK/) { print "name = $name, email = $email, os = $os\n"; } }
    Any help is greatly appreciated

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