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Buzzcutbuddha(Also known as) - RE: Perl Monks polls generally

by buzzcutbuddha (Chaplain)
on Aug 24, 2000 at 18:35 UTC ( #29422=note: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to RE: RE: Perl Monks polls generally
in thread Perl Monks polls generally

camelCaps are also known as Hungarian Notation among VB developers in particular...comes from combining a 3-letter abbreviation in front of a variable or function name that denotes what the object is, and then camelCapping(?) the words together so:
strSomeExampleString = "An example string."
The term Hungarian comes from Microsoft programmer Charles Simonyi, who used it at Microsoft, and encouraged it's use in VB, and happens to be Hungarian. Plus, he would joke that it kind of looks like Hungarian...
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RE: Buzzcutbuddha(Also known as) - RE: Perl Monks polls generally
by davorg (Chancellor) on Aug 24, 2000 at 18:40 UTC

    Actually the use of Hungarian Notation amongst Microsofties predates VB by some years. I remember reading about it in the first edition of Charles Petzold's Programming Windows in about 1989.

    (I think I may have just given away too much about my dodgy past writing Windows software!)


    European Perl Conference - Sept 22/24 2000, ICA, London

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