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Answer: How do I detect and handle empty form fields?

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Q&A > CGI programming > How do I detect and handle empty form fields? contributed by Zombie Greg Harper

This is how i have been dealing with empty form fields:

# If certain fields are blank, then give a "blank form" response &missing_info_error ("Date") unless $FORM{'date'}; &missing_info_error ("Name") unless $FORM{'name'}; &missing_info_error ("Eng/Rig") unless $FORM{'engorrig'}; &missing_info_error ("Engine Model") unless $FORM{'em'}; &missing_info_error ("Test Stand or Build Cell") unless $FORM{'tsbc'}; &missing_info_error ("Time Lost") unless $FORM{'tl'};

Then output is in a HTML page

Update:mandog raised the issue that this approach fails if a legitimate field value is zero. In such cases, a missing field error is posted, even though the field exists, thus reinforcing the case for using

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Re: Answer: How do I detect and handle empty form fields?
by mandog (Curate) on Oct 02, 2003 at 18:45 UTC
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