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Re: substitution of illegal chars in filename

by lahf (Initiate)
on Oct 04, 2003 at 14:04 UTC ( #296507=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to substitution of illegal chars in filename

In the filename:

index.cgi%3Fsect = has the alt code in
index.cgi?sect = has the reserved character

Linux can read them fine as part of a filename, but say I wanted to put them onto a different system, I would have problems.
I was trying to alias the perl command like so:
alias subs="perl -pi~ -e 's/@1/@2/g' @3"
but it did something crazy, well nothing at all, except pipe out command and errors:
$ subs /www/ads/ "" legal-USAGetaway.htm
Can't open @3: No such file or directory.
Can't do inplace edit: /www/ads/ is not a regular file.
Can't open : No such file or directory.
Does that mean I'm not escaping the /'s in the command I'm aliasing, and I didn't get why it says can't open @3, does it not recognise "" as @2?
am i crazzy, or just expecting too much, or whhich part of the manual does it say that in?
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