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Re: How do YOU do OO in Perl?

by bakunin (Scribe)
on Oct 06, 2003 at 21:32 UTC ( #297094=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to How do YOU do OO in Perl?

The node I have started for Class::Struct is worth a look:

For those of you who doesn't want to read it, let me copy my remark:

Class::MethodMaker and Class::MakeMethods are indeed excellent modules. I'm congratulating the authors, and especially, simonm and friends for the excellent documentation provided for the module.
But let's set one thing straight. MethodMaker seems more compact than MakeMethods.
I'll definitely try both. OOP is my addiction anyway... I also want to give credit to Mr Damian Conway.
In my opinion, he has written one of the best programming books in (programming) history.
And I am very lucky that, the book is the "Object Oriented Perl." He provides a whole chapter on Class::Struct and Class::MethodMaker.
I think MakeMethods is written after the book is published!!

Now, the interesting thing about OO Perl is that you can bless anything you can reference...hashes,arrays, Regexps, other objects, and my favorite, coderefs... Here are some links I've been compiling nowadays (mostly coderefs though):

1) Again and again: Object Oriented Perl (e-book and sample chapters available in pdf format)
2) AnonymousSubroutineObjects
3) Limbic~Region's MultiMethod Closures
4) merlyn's column on subrefs(no OOP)

5) ProxyObjects
6) broquaint's "Closure on Closures"

7) Very, very interesting: Class::Prototyped
8) Class::Translucent

The links also contain many other links.

These came to my mind now.
Any additions anyone?? For example on blessing regexps and objects? Possible cool uses?? Let's grow the list.

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Re: Re: How do YOU do OO in Perl?
by bsb (Priest) on Oct 07, 2003 at 05:17 UTC

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