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Re: Overlaping Versions of Perl

by ptkdb (Monk)
on Oct 21, 2003 at 18:31 UTC ( #301021=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Overlaping Versions of Perl

4 words:

Time Machine/Start Over

now before the down votes start rolling in, from the whimsy impaired:

When a new version of perl comes out(development or release), I've found it to be a good idea to set it up in its own area and kicking the tires on it before replacing the installed version.

Typically I do this with the ./Configure command:

cd perl-5.x.x ./Configure -Dprefix=/opt/perl/5.x.x -d -e
and make and install as usual.

Sadly, Linuxes and Unixes are starting to act more like Windows, in that they have a proscribed set of packages and installers that must be run to have certain features. The systems are becoming less tolerant of you configuring your own version of perl and installing it in the usual places. Especically since other packages may be interdependant on it.

As for your current situation, you may have no other recourse but to download the currently available RPM(assuming redhat, or similar installation mechanism), for 5.8.0 and reinstall it and rebuild your previous installation, and then try out 5.8.1 in some safe area.


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Re: Re: Overlaping Versions of Perl
by Ninthwave (Chaplain) on Oct 21, 2003 at 21:31 UTC

    It does not look that bad if you look at the path being quoted it is the 5.8.0 path which suggests the perl 5.8.1 executable is running but a path in a configuration file is pointing to 5.8.0 a good search of the config files should find it.

    I don't thinki it would be needle in haystack job if they just step through what they are doing and look where everything points. I actually find things like this a great time to read the manual and learn how things are working. Without problems we tend to take these things called computers for granted.

    I haven't seen this error before but some google searching with maybe some more system information and an answer should be out there.

    Try this link it seems to have some answers: The FAQ section has some tips for this.§ion=3program=CPAN§ion=3

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