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Except for trivial examples, I suppose.... note Thu, 19 Oct 2017 16:44:54 +0000 http://perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=1201691 1201691 961 2017-10-19 12:44:54 Anonymous Monk Re: Using negative lookahead LanX http://perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=1201690 Another take on it: Unfortunately regexes don't support backreferences in character classes like <a href="?node=%5E%5Cg1">^\g1</a> to forbid the delimiter inside the string. (at least I couldn't find it.) But... note Thu, 19 Oct 2017 16:44:35 +0000 http://perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=1201690 1201690 708738 2017-10-19 12:44:35 LanX Re^4: Parsing HTML/XML with Regular Expressions (XML::Twig) haukex http://perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=1201689 Interesting post, thank you! I tested it and except that I had to strip non-word characters out of the values, it mostly works - it doesn't pick up the id of the Sunday entry, and it ... note Thu, 19 Oct 2017 16:27:00 +0000 http://perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=1201689 1201689 830549 2017-10-19 12:27:00 haukex Re^4: Small Perl 6 discoveries II, Rats bduggan http://perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=1201688 Well -- I'd say it is more accurate (though not more precise) -- it can accurately represent rational numbers, so you can do rational arithmetic without rounding errors. e.g. > .3.Num - .2.Nu... note Thu, 19 Oct 2017 16:02:31 +0000 http://perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=1201688 1201688 539945 2017-10-19 12:02:31 bduggan Re^3: Why doesn't this die with "Can't use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference"?" haukex http://perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=1201687 But what does this even mean? Why would anybody do this? I would guess that it is maybe just a simplification of a different case; using for as a topicalizer... note Thu, 19 Oct 2017 16:01:28 +0000 http://perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=1201687 1201687 830549 2017-10-19 12:01:28 haukex Re^4: Can I get emails when somebody responds to my PerlMonks post? LanX http://perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=1201686 Ah, I see. FWIW, you can also poll the <a href="?node_id=15848">private message xml ticker</a> ticker, be it in JS or anything else. That's what I get (excerpt) ... note Thu, 19 Oct 2017 15:59:36 +0000 http://perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=1201686 1201686 708738 2017-10-19 11:59:36 LanX Re^3: Small Perl 6 discoveries II, Rats Anonymous Monk http://perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=1201685 If the Rat class isn't any more accurate than a Num, but it's much slower, then what purpose does it serve?... note Thu, 19 Oct 2017 15:52:47 +0000 http://perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=1201685 1201685 961 2017-10-19 11:52:47 Anonymous Monk Re^3: Can I get emails when somebody responds to my PerlMonks post? chacham http://perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=1201684 With JS, the tab does not need to be in front of you. You can be doing something else when an alert of some form of message pops up.... note Thu, 19 Oct 2017 15:31:31 +0000 http://perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=1201684 1201684 934209 2017-10-19 11:31:31 chacham Re^6: Issues with pp and Tk marto http://perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=1201683 Look in the pdd file, you should be able to find out where everything goes, e.g. <a href="http://ppm4.activestate.com/darwin/5.18/1800/R/RS/RSCHUPP/PAR-Packer-1.028.d/log-20151120T071335.txt">build log</a>.... note Thu, 19 Oct 2017 15:16:58 +0000 http://perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=1201683 1201683 324763 2017-10-19 11:16:58 marto Re^2: IO::Stty not installed, cannot change mode Anonymous Monk http://perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=1201680 HI Salva, thanks for the simple info, but it helped me a lot to get the IO::Stty installed on the linux machine!!!! 1000x Thanks, Davies / scta... note Thu, 19 Oct 2017 14:37:15 +0000 http://perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=1201680 1201680 961 2017-10-19 10:37:15 Anonymous Monk Re: Net::SFTP::Foreign Password Authentication Hangs dano63 http://perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=1201679 To both <a href="?node=thanos1983">thanos1983</a> and <a href="?node=salva">salva</a>, thank you for your replies. Your suggestions were very helpful as I worked to diagnose the problem. However, it turned out to be two things. First, the awful ... note Thu, 19 Oct 2017 14:11:25 +0000 http://perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=1201679 1201679 1201614 2017-10-19 10:11:25 dano63 Re^2: Why doesn't this die with "Can't use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference"?" kikuchiyo http://perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=1201678 One more thing I've just noticed: The perldelta fragment mentions for(scalar($#foo)) { ... }. But what does this even mean? Why would anybody do this? $#foo is already a scal... note Thu, 19 Oct 2017 13:50:54 +0000 http://perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=1201678 1201678 779500 2017-10-19 09:50:54 kikuchiyo Re^5: Issues with pp and Tk Chuma http://perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=1201677 It's installed in /usr/local in my case, but there's no pp in the bin folder. There's plenty of other stuff, but nothing I recognise as useful.... note Thu, 19 Oct 2017 13:47:28 +0000 http://perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=1201677 1201677 823433 2017-10-19 09:47:28 Chuma Re: Integer regex, different results in windows and mac - I just need regex help pryrt http://perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=1201676 You've already gotten good answers regarding CRLF, and chomping, and alternate regular expressions. However, to me, regex doesn't seem the best tool for the job. Testing whether a number is negat... note Thu, 19 Oct 2017 13:44:39 +0000 http://perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=1201676 1201676 1158292 2017-10-19 09:44:39 pryrt Re^3: Puzzle Regex: Letter Frequency Arithmetic Sequence QM http://perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=1201675 Can you share some interesting test cases? -QM -- Quantum Mechanics: The dreams stuff is made of ... note Thu, 19 Oct 2017 13:17:33 +0000 http://perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=1201675 1201675 294463 2017-10-19 09:17:33 QM Re: Videos from TPCiA 2017 (YAPC::EU) LanX http://perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=1201674 "The Perl Conference in America" is what I deciphered... xD Cheers Rolf (addicted to the Perl Programming Language and &#91;http://i.dai... note Thu, 19 Oct 2017 13:06:36 +0000 http://perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=1201674 1201674 708738 2017-10-19 09:06:36 LanX Re^2: Small Perl 6 discoveries II, Rats bduggan http://perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=1201671 If you want arbitrary precision rational arithmetic, you can use a FatRat: > say 1.111111111111111111111.FatRat 1.111111111111111111111 ... note Thu, 19 Oct 2017 12:39:12 +0000 http://perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=1201671 1201671 539945 2017-10-19 08:39:12 bduggan Re^4: Issues with pp and Tk marto http://perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=1201669 "I also used to think ActivePerl was just for Windows." I've never believed this to be the case. FWIW using <a href="http://strawberryperl.com">Strawberry Perl</a> removes all of the headaches of worki... note Thu, 19 Oct 2017 11:24:07 +0000 http://perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=1201669 1201669 324763 2017-10-19 07:24:07 marto Re: Help with Web Scraping Script 1nickt http://perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=1201668 Hello <a href="?node=EagerforPerl">EagerforPerl</a>, Your program does not compile: Global symbol "$directory" requires explicit package name (did you forget to declare "my $directory"?) at 1201637.pl line 25. G... note Thu, 19 Oct 2017 11:07:57 +0000 http://perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=1201668 1201668 1130276 2017-10-19 07:07:57 1nickt Re^3: Issues with pp and Tk Chuma http://perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=1201667 I should indeed, if I knew how to do that. I also used to think ActivePerl was just for Windows. I tried for months getting "normal" Perl to work properly, digging my way through endless ... note Thu, 19 Oct 2017 11:04:09 +0000 http://perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=1201667 1201667 823433 2017-10-19 07:04:09 Chuma mz2255 mz2255 http://perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=1201681 user Thu, 19 Oct 2017 14:48:34 +0000 http://perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=1201681 1201681 1201681 2017-10-19 10:48:34 mz2255 BillyGG BillyGG http://perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=1201672 user Thu, 19 Oct 2017 12:59:37 +0000 http://perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=1201672 1201672 1201672 2017-10-19 08:59:37 BillyGG