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by wjw (Curate)
on Nov 26, 2003 at 16:34 UTC ( #310300=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Perl Geek Location
The Farm on the Map

Computing Environment

  • Hardware: Sager NP2650
  • OS; <a">Bodhi 4.0
  • Finally back to a decent desktop....
  • Perl housed by PerlBrew

Other Spots:


  1. The number one - An oddity I noticed one day because of the discussion of what a 'base one' system of numbers consists of:

    You gained 1 experience point. You have 111 points until level 11 - Chaplain.
    ...just counting sticks...

  2. The number two - Another numerical coincidence:

    You have 22 votes left today.
    You gained 2 experience points.
    You have 222 points until level 13 - Curate.

General Reason for being here

Being involved (even if only slightly as compared to some) at the Monastery is a pleasure. I come here just to find out what others are working on, and how others go about learning.

I will participate now and again to practice talking about the language a bit, as a refresher, so bear with me if I say/ask something obvious.


You can see a bit about me at wjw's playground, just in case you give a damn... . A good deal of my work experience has been in product/process research and development and manufacturing automation. I have played a number of roles along the way from maintenance tech to engineer. Perl (mostly LAMP) has been a part of those roles since 1995. I recently worked as a Manufacturing Execution Systems project lead at a large agricultural equipment company.

I am a big fan of Linux, and generally dislike Windows and their product. I have nothing against Microsoft as a company, after all, they make boatloads of $$ and it is hard to argue with that. There is something about Unix/Linux though, that I simply like. I certainly like the fact that Linux and Perl are community projects. There are lots of others too, but these are two that I know. I am by nature a generalist. My interests are too varied for me to fit well into the "specialist" or "expert" categories. I am comfortable with that.... OK, enough about me already!

Observations about being on PM

Just a hint for those that are new and happen to get to this node. I have been observing/participating here for a some time now. Some observations that you might want to consider if you have questions:

  • if the perceived (by others) content of your question is I have a problem and need a program to solve it, can you help me?, or even close to that, you are going to get less than friendly responses. I would guess that my answer to such a question would be Sure, for $35.00/hr I will solve your problem for you (and that is cheap!).
  • If you are in the ChatterBox and wish to ask a question, Be concise and accurate! If someone points you off to some documentation, go check it out.
  • Probably most important: Try before you ask! Even if it is not a very good try, if you provide your code snippet, a brief des‎crip‎tion of what you expect it to do, and what you don't understand about what it did do, you will probably get very good help. Otherwise you are likely to be chastised or ignored.
  • In order to express the 'how to post a question' in short form for myself, I wrote Thought(s) about SOP questions... which you may find helpful with regards to posting. I try to use that as a template for myself when posting questions here. Sort of a fill out form of the advice offered in "Guide to the Monastery" filtered by my own experience here. I thought it important enough to myself to link it here and on my scratchpad above.

This is a community in every sense of the word. There is of course a hierarchy, and it is not exclusively measured in XP. Folks have good days and bad, get along sometimes, and don't other times. It takes time to blend in... .

That being said, This is a fun place to learn! Not only what people think about Perl, but more importantly HOW they think about Perl. Exposure to this exchange of thought will stretch your mind, and probably enhance your skills.

Recent Interests

  • Have been off in the SIMILE world recently attempting to latch on to some basic javas‎crip‎t skills. I have to admit that as I get older, my rate of learning slows down. However, together with some basic work with CGI/DBI/XML/JSON modules, the SIMILE code can provide for some very powerful data presentation... Here is a static example of a fun thing one can do with a SIMILE TimeLine.. Static Timeline

    When one ties that kind of presentation to a database, the results can be very useful.</p?

  • Freeplane Been interested in this ever since I read Robert Pirsig's work
  • Moo
  • Dancer2
  • Arduino
  • Raspberry Pi

I find that I like to 'interact with the physical world' via my computing as compared to just writing programs that muss about with existing data. Data acquisition adds a lot of motivation for me in computing. Thus my recent interest in the Arduino and Raspberry Pi(RPi). Additionally, there is some interesting work going on (finally) in the world of automation with automation control based on Linux. It is about time! The beauty of the Arduino and RPi is that it brings the world of RTOS to the consumer level. Perl just makes it that much more accessible to more or less single language folks like me. always, my curiosity and amazement far outstrip my skills and abilities, but I do have fun...

The Dungeon of My Mind(Spew-Spot - Enter at own risk)


Anonymous Monk is abused by some individuals in that it is sometimes used as a cover to slather (usually) non-productive criticism on oft times less skilled (like myself) members and non-members. I have only been the target of that a couple of times. I don't appreciate it. It bothered me enough that I wrote a long 'position' on it here. Doing so was a waste of time all in all except that after having spewed it all out, I was able to recognize it's triviality. Enough said.

I am not a sock-puppet, or any other kind of puppet for anyone. Suggest that those who say otherwise pull the hand (and their own head) out of their own ass first. :-)

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