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Re: Re: OT: Switching Sides

by woolfy (Chaplain)
on Nov 30, 2003 at 21:27 UTC ( #311102=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: OT: Switching Sides
in thread OT: Switching Sides

Arguable points: of course. Please do argue. But still, I like Linux a lot. My company has been using Linux for a long time. In all those years, we had no reason to switch to any BSD version. I don't know much about BSD. We had 1 machine (of a client) in our server room and we hated to work with that server, probably because our client configured it poorly, but we had more problems with it than with any of our Linux servers. Our neighbours had a server room filled with WinNT-servers, and most of those had to be rebooted each day. Our Linux servers seldom needed a reboot, sometimes we just did a reboot after 200+ days crashfree running. Stable enough, even for servers with more than 50 websites on them, lots of MySQL-databases, lots of different Perl programs, lots of traffic.

You are very right about Linux to be free, I fully agree, but still articles have been written about RedHat and Suse that they might stop providing their distribution for free. It's just the news. When RedHat and Suse stop the free distributions, I am surely one of the people that will stop using RedHat and Suse.

For the rest: I guess we agree: use open source. Wether that is Linux or xx-BSD, I don't care much.

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Re: Re: Re: OT: Switching Sides
by castaway (Parson) on Dec 01, 2003 at 10:02 UTC
    SuSE is free? News to me.. the CD/DVD distro surely isnt, and you can't download ISOs either.. (you can install from the ftp site, minus the bits that are in the pay section, which isnt quite the same.)

    Not that that will ever stop me using it, I believe in paying for things with reasonable effort and cost..


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