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Re: Re: Critique

by phenom (Chaplain)
on Dec 06, 2003 at 03:24 UTC ( #312719=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Critique
in thread Critique

Thank you very much, pg. There were two extra things I was trying to use here for learning purposes: hashes and the lines pertaining to the regex under get_days. Hashes, since I understand the basics about them, but not more advanced stuff (like the array of hashes, hashes of hashes, blah blah blah); and also, I had just seen someone here recently use the following:
my $blah = join('|', @array);
to produce the automatic "or" effect. Thanks again!!

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Re: Re: Re: Critique
by xenchu (Friar) on Dec 06, 2003 at 06:01 UTC
    Is the code in your note a copy of the actual code you ran? The reason I ask is that your month hash is misnumbered. The hash has two month 8's.



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      No, it wasn't. I printed it from the original system and retyped it... Should have proof read it.

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