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Learn to drive...

by cLive ;-) (Prior)
on Jan 01, 2004 at 00:00 UTC ( #318049=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Top goal for 2004

I've been saying this for years, but I think I really should get round to it this year. As much as I hate cars, I think my responsibilities as a parent mean I should at least learn how to drive the damn things, even if I still refuse to own one of them :)


cLive ;-)

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Re: Learn to drive...
by barrd (Monsignor) on Jan 01, 2004 at 17:54 UTC
    Cor blimey, another person who doesn't drive. To explain I grew up in the wilds of Scotland and couldn't afford a car. Moved to London and didn't want to drive a car (have you seen how they drive {shudder} scary stuff). Now I live in a small town and don't really need a car.

    But like cLive ;-) says later, as an emergency contingent, its probably a good idea.

    Nice to know I'm not alone as a non driver :)

Re: Learn to drive...
by logan (Curate) on Jan 01, 2004 at 06:30 UTC
    You live in Santa Monica, California and you don't drive? How is that possible? No kidding, how do you manage?

    "What do I want? I'm an American. I want more."

      I live 1.7 miles from my office, cycling there and wherever else I need to go to and, at a pinch, persuade my wife to give me a ride if really needed.

      It's only the fact that she's ill and out of town at the moment that I'm beginning to realise how important it is that I learn for emergencies like this :)

      Needs must, I suppose...

      cLive ;-)

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