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Re: Re: Why CGI::Application?

by derby (Abbot)
on Jan 13, 2004 at 14:47 UTC ( #320962=note: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Why CGI::Application?
in thread Why CGI::Application?

If I'm following your question correctly, the payoff of the run_modes method is so you can have multiple mappings of modes to methods. It's odd, but not unheard of, to have two differently named modes invoke the same method (think AUTOLOAD).


Comment on Re: Re: Why CGI::Application?
Re: Re: Re: Why CGI::Application?
by zby (Vicar) on Jan 13, 2004 at 14:56 UTC
    Ah - I'd rather do:
    sub mode1{ my $self = shift; return $self->mode2(); }
    Is it so common place that the shorcut justifies the overhead of the additional run mode hash?

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