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Re: Possible changes to Voting/XP

by BigLug (Chaplain)
on Jan 26, 2004 at 11:45 UTC ( #324115=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Possible changes to Voting/XP

Thanks for all this Tye, it looks really good. But while you've a finger stirring the Voting/XP Pot, can I make a couple of suggestions:
No front page voting
Take the ability to ++ or -- off the front page. That way you have to actually be interested enough in a post that you have to follow it to a page with replies before you can vote either way. I know I used to vote occasionally on the front page, only to follow the thread to the replies and wish I'd not voted as I did. For example the front page tells of a great discovery. I think 'that's a great idea'. I ++ it and then read onto the replies only to discover wiser monks have torn it to shreds!
Reduced votes across the board
With so many monks, it it necessary to have so many votes per monk? I rarely, if ever, use my total allocation, but I do read a fair bit of what goes on. Someone else, on the other hand may not read too much but will throw their votes around just to use them up, thus voting on things they don't really care two hoots about. Decreased supply means an increase in value.
Show reputation as Reputation: 40 - 30 = 10
This will tell me a lot more than just learning that the post has a reputation of 10. It tells me that nearly half the voters didn't like the node. Thus I'll re-read the post and the thread to see what I might have missed.
Allow a 00 vote on a node
This is not the same as not voting. This means "I'm neither here nor there on this one, but I'm interested in what other people think". Once you cast a 00 vote you'd see the reputation but you can't (obviously) then change it to a ++ or --.
When a -- is given, ask the voter why
When I -- something, I often would like to drop a quick note to explain. But I'd like to do it privately and annonymously. So, rather than logging out and posting publically as AnnonyMonk or posting privately but as myself via the chatterbox, I'd like to leave a message tied to the node (just under the Reputation) that only the poster can read
View a history of a node's reputation
Maybe only for one's own posts, or maybe for any post, I'd like to see an indication of change. I'd like to be able to sort my nodes by activity date. This would mean I'd see that a post I made a year ago just made someone happy. I used to have a bot that logged in each day and retrieved the rep of all my nodes and would tell me what happened to any that changed. Would be good if the site could do that
Thats my $0.02. Thanks for reading. Thanks for the work Tye.

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Re: Re: Possible changes to Voting/XP
by mr_mischief (Monsignor) on Jan 26, 2004 at 17:01 UTC
    I chose BigLug's node as the placing of my reply because I'd like to note that I agree with pretty much everything therein. As a matter of fact, it seems everything {BigLug] said is thought through pretty thoroughly. I've had some of the same ideas. I also have some things to add.

    I agree with Abigail-II that weighting the experience differently for upvotes and downvotes will lead to spurious upvotes. Personally, I often upvote root nodes even if they aren't necessarily that helpful in themselves so long as they bring about helpful answers or discussion. I often pass by using a vote in a case in which I'd like to downvote or upvote something because it's so close a call that I don't want to tip the scales. I only downvote nodes I consider to be more harmful than helpful either to someone's understanding of a problem or to the community itself.

    I half agree that the age of a node should diminish the XP gained or lost through new votes to it. At the same time, though, the main purpose of the reputation of the node isn't to generate the associated XP. It's to represent what monks thought of the node when they read it. So I'd keep the XP per reputation the same, and make the reputation effect change with age or somesuch. Even better, if we're mostly worried about the Weekly Best or Daily Best nodelets causing an undue rise in reputation and XP, then those nodes which are in the Best nodelets shouldn't be capable of getting new votes while in the nodelets -- or at least not through the nodelets. Maybe nodes should be archived altogether after a certain period, although that they aren't is one thing that I like about the site.

    How about getting rid of the experience gained by voting in both directions? I don't vote for experience. I'll admit that when I was in lower levels and near a level boundary I did sometimes. I'd much rather, though, get experience through my writeups. That's always been the case for me. I have a feeling most monks feel the same. Or perhaps there could be an XP gain of one point every day that you cast two or more votes, with no additional bonus. That way, there's still some motive to contribute for those interested in the XP.

    As far as personality-fueled attacks, that's part of life. It's sad, but it happens in the best of fora. It's also common that well-known or well-liked people receive extra positive feedback based on who they are. Is there really such a bad thing about those who want their XP not to suffer trying to get along as best they can with the other monks?

    Christopher E. Stith

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