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Re: Sort by Reputation in Super-Search?

by athomason (Curate)
on Feb 03, 2004 at 02:37 UTC ( #326094=note: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Sort by Reputation in Super-Search?

Something very close to this is Best Nodes, which lists the top-rated posts for various time periods. Many of the all-timers are obfus, though AFAIK you can't filter on section.

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Re: Re: Sort by Reputation in Super-Search?
by newrisedesigns (Curate) on Feb 03, 2004 at 05:41 UTC

    You could filter on section, provided you like LWP.

    Grab the best nodes list, and use HTML::TokeParser to filter out the list of links. Then, grab each of those best nodes and do an if($_ =~ /Node Type\: obfuscation/ ) to see if it's an obfu. Of course, the code will return false findings if that pattern is in the body of the searched page (or if this node becomes a best node (unlikely)).

    It's quick, horribly dirty, but it's a perlish, screen scraping solution to the problem. There's probably a million and one ways to do this (most accurate and quickest-to-write/run would be on the back end), but sometimes going about the long way can be worth it. Your perlish and other intellectual skills are often best honed on projects that are more "fun" than they are "work."

    John J Reiser

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