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Selected Best Nodes

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The day's catch... 50 of the top 2000 nodes of all time!

(Refreshed every 6 hours, approximately. Inspect the xml feed to see how many minutes until the next refresh.)

Selected Best Nodes of All Time!!

# Node Author Rep
1 The path to mastery tilly 347
2 Oh my God! Tie killed Perl! Petruchio 236
3 Benchmarking Your Code turnstep 180
4 Categorized Damian Modules TheDamian 172
5 AI in Perl - proof of concept Ovid 170
6 GGGraffiti Blop 169
7 New hints.... demerphq 154
8 Enigma machine. frankus 154
9 Is PerlMonks economically viable? tilly 149
10 New regex trick... japhy 144
11 The PM Weekly Newsletter (Idea in progress) Masem 142
12 Reading from a database stephen 140
13 Turn JavaScript off on HomeNodes vroom 139
14 Fun with Closures Schemer 137
15 TMTOWTDI... and most of them are wrong tlm 136
16 Using Temporary Files in Perl rob_au 136
17 Rampant Frontpaging lemming 136
18 code-sharing at work. geekgrrl 133
19 Trojan Horse? (taint mode) IraTarball 130
20 What makes a bad question? demerphq 126
21 Bareword Regex davorg 125
22 Tk Tutorial, Featuring Your Very Own "Perl Sig/OBFU Decoder Ring" hiseldl 124
23 The great ball of mud tilly 123
24 (OT) Should math (or adv. math) be required in CIS degrees? japhif 122
25 the try/catch example from "Programming Perl" analyzed pemungkah 118
26 treemap MeowChow 118
27 Re: perl OO - to use or not to use adrianh 115
28 helping along $_ boo_radley 115
29 Author Unknown Anonymous Monk 114
30 Re: Are there any drawbacks to comments -- can they hurt the performance of Perl code? BrowserUk 113
31 Teaching Perl Ovid 112
32 Testing IS Development sundialsvc4 111
33 Weather Forecasts emailed to cell phone davido 111
34 Re: •web site design, or lack thereof Hero Zzyzzx 109
35 Markup summary when posting/replying? dws 108
36 what is EOF and how can I send it? revdiablo 107
37 Re: Griping about Typing Dominus 107
38 Acronyms seen in the Monastery Theo 106
39 Re: Artificial Intelligence Programming in Perl frag 106
40 Re: Trojan Horse? (taint mode) dws 106
41 A brief history of Perl 6 development in haiku eyepopslikeamosquito 105
42 Initiative or otherwise? BrowserUk 105
43 (Revelation) Re: sub and anonymous sub Revelation 105
44 Infinitely Lazy sleepingsquirrel 102
45 The REAL reason for why they choose PHP over Perl. Spidy 101
46 public key encryption perrin 101
47 Nifty New Feature jcwren 101
48 Re: "Perl is the Cobol of the WWW" Ovid 100
49 Re: Coding to a deadline - why it is just like hunting bears. gmax 100
50 Re: The Perl Compiler (turning perl scripts into binary executables) Jouke 100
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