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RE: Clearcase and Perl Problem

by Shendal (Hermit)
on Sep 25, 2000 at 20:19 UTC ( #33924=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Clearcase and Perl Problem

First, welcome to the wonderful world of ClearCase administration. :-)

Secondly, if you're using ClearCase on NT, you may want to shy away from using IPC::Open3 because it isn't included in Rational's slimmed down version of perl that comes bundled with ClearCase. Instead, I typically rely on $! and the error code. Basically, I know that the operation failed, and therefore I know what to do. In your example, if the checkout fails, your script can stop, give a warning, whatever. Typically, the reason why is in $!.

You may want to register on Rational's Customer's only site. There you will find many contributed perl scripts which may help you in your endeavor.

Don't forget, too, that there are some scripts in the ClearCase installation directory which also may help you get started.


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Node Type: note [id://33924]
[Eily]: you could tie a variable into not having the same value each time, if you like to make people who try to debug your code facepalm
[Corion]: perl -wle 'package o; use overload q("") => sub {warn "str"; ""}, bool => sub{warn "bool"; 1}; package main; my $o={}; bless $o => o; print "Yay" if ($o && !length($o))'
[Corion]: But people writing such code should document the objects they construct and why it makes sense for an object to be invisible as string while being true in a boolean context
[hippo]: That's equal parts clever and horrendous.
[Eily]: the overload version wouldn't return true with "$x" && !length $x though, I guess
[hippo]: The more I look at this code, the more $x is a plain old scalar and the more this condition will never be true. I'm calling it a bug at this point.
[hippo]: Thanks for your input which has soothed my sanity (a little)
[Corion]: Eily: Sure - if you force both things into stringy things, then you break that magic. But that would also mean that you changed the expression, as now $x = 0.00 will be true instead of false as it were before
[Corion]: Ah no, at least in my feeble experiments that doesn't change the meaning
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