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Problems? Is your data what you think it is?

Re: Text file Update problem!

by chip (Curate)
on Apr 08, 2004 at 19:29 UTC ( #343719=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Text file Update problem!

"You can't get there from here." Updating text files in place is possible, but it's basically a matter of reading a bunch in and writing it all back out again, what with variable-length records. So I guess you should just post-process the log.

    -- Chip Salzenberg, Free-Floating Agent of Chaos

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Re: Re: Text file Update problem!
by Nik on Apr 08, 2004 at 19:54 UTC
    post proccess??
      post-process: Post, in this context means after the fact. Process, in this context means to perform operations on data. Put it together and you get "perform operations on your data after the fact."

      What he's saying is that rather than trying to write to two different places in a flat file, you might just be better off sorting it out later, when you need to look at the data. Perl's great at practical reporting and extraction of data.


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