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$code or die

by $code or die (Deacon)
on Sep 29, 2000 at 15:33 UTC ( #34584=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

This is my cat, Elvira.

NOTE: I am no longer using the nick $code or die on this site. Please see my new handle simonflk. That handle matches my PAUSE id for CPAN and is one that I hope I won't grow out of! I will log in as $code or die periodically to check /msg's and update old nodes, but I will not use it for voting purposes. I will leave the content of this page unchanged.

My Code License:

Unless otherwise noted
, all code authored by "$code or die" on is free software which you can redistribute and/or modify under the same terms as Perl itself.

Tools I use daily: Favourite Perl Resources
  1. Perl
  2. UltraEdit     -    Programmers Editor
  3. CS-RCS     -    Freeware RCS software
  1. PerlMonks
  2. CPAN
  3. The Camel and the Cookbook
  4. Win32 Perl S‎crip‎ting : The Adminstrator's Handbook by Dave Roth
Really useful modules: Other Perl Sites:
  1. strict!!
  2. CGI
  3. DBI
  4. Quantum::Superpositions
  5. Data::Dumper
  6. Tk
  7. LWP
  8. XML::Simple
  9. ... Going to update this ...
  1. David Roth's Site
  2. Matt's Perl Pages - (PerlS‎crip‎t\ADO)
  3. Jenda's Pages - (Assortment of modules)
  4. merlyn's Web Techniques column
  5. Ovid's CGI Course
  6. CPAN Modules Documentation
  7. My CPAN Directory

Outside Links


Nodes that stand out:  
  1. Tricks with DBI  by btrott
  2. Disk Space calcuation by me and reply by AltBlue
  3. Why Should I use (chromatic's home node)
  4. ... going to update this too ...

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[Corion]: Hmm. I think overnight I decided on simplifying some code. I have plugin classes that do data import (.csv, .yml, .json) and for that create objects on which then ->load() is called. But YAML::XS doesn't have an object, so I wrote my own wrapper.
[Corion]: This evening, I'll kill that wrapper again, and just call LoadFile() in the plugin class directly instead of creating a go-between object for no real gain.
[Corion]: Writing these import plugins was really nice though - in about 2 hours, I had imports for CSV, YAML and JSON, and adding XLS(X), SQLite (or DBI) data sources is also trivial. I'm idly wondering about separating the plugin into transport+parser, so ...
[Corion]: ... http:// URLs could be retrieved and then parsed, but I think that that would be overkill for a toy static site generator ;)

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