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Re: Constants you cannot help but remember

by hardburn (Abbot)
on Jun 08, 2004 at 19:31 UTC ( #362514=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Constants you cannot help but remember

My post-high school education is mostly in networking, so I remember things like these:

  • Various TCP/UDP ports (22/ssh, 80/HTTP, etc.)
  • Some RFCs (822 for message formats, etc.)
  • 1500 bytes (MTU of Ethernet)

Most of the programming-related constants I know have already been covered, but here are few more:

  • 6 bits to a byte in Knuth's MIX machine
  • 54 is the limit of multi-dimentional arrays in VB (not that I want to know this . . . )

send money to your kernel via the boot loader.. This and more wisdom available from Markov Hardburn.

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