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(zdog) Re: Where do your code ideas come from?

by zdog (Priest)
on Oct 14, 2000 at 07:18 UTC ( #36717=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Where do your code ideas come from?

This is something that I often confront in my ventures thru Perl and other languages. I confront questions like: How complex do I want it to be? Do I want something useful or something for entertainment? Do I want my programs use new modules I've discovered? stick to the old ones? or do I use modules at all? and the list goes on and on...

Program ideas for me come from two general places: outside of the computer realm and useful apps for computer operations. Things outside of the computer realm include games like card games and sports (kind of). It also includes things such as science or math. Things like that.

If I want to use the computer to do some kind of boring operation, etc. I would rather spend my time programming an app to make the process faster for me. I assume this is where most of peoples ideas come from.

Oh yeah! I almost forgot. The best place to get ideas is on the job site. If you boss says, "Do this!!" Then you have no problem and you have the project idea placed right before you. :-)

Zenon Zabinski | zdog |

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