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Re^2: Regrettable module names

by tilly (Archbishop)
on Jul 05, 2004 at 22:45 UTC ( #371986=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Regrettable module names
in thread Regrettable module names

And here we see why broadly-offered criticism is risky.

Take a look at Tie::Static which is one of your "outright badly named" modules. But take a closer look at it and tell me the better name that it should have, noting carefully that it handles scalars, arrays and hashes.

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Re^3: Regrettable module names
by demerphq (Chancellor) on Jul 06, 2004 at 08:14 UTC

    And here we see why broadly-offered criticism is risky.

    On the contrary I specifically mentioned that there would be a few such modules included in the "bad list":

      And there are probably a few in there that cant be better named because they have some special extra property, but even still I think the namespace is a just a big mess.

    So I think I preemptively resolved this point. Anyway, IMO that module should be named Tie::Any::Static or something along those lines. In fact, in my eyes the fact you cant tell that module can handle any type of tie just by looking at the name says to me its badly named.


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