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(TIMTOWDI) Breaking a config file into name/value pairs

by stonecolddevin (Vicar)
on Sep 03, 2004 at 03:52 UTC ( #388201=snippet: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
Description: This script simply takes a file in the "name=value" format, and breaks it into a hash for one to use as they please.

UPDATE: Due to my blindness and ignorance to search CPAN, I have discovered just now there is a module that does this EXACT thing. Damn.

Some links to CPAN mods of the same nature:
### returns the requested setting
### Used like so: my $name = getSetting('name');
### Config file: name=Devin
sub getSetting {
    my ($attr_to_get) = shift;  # the attribute to get
    # opens and reads the config file,
    # returns a hash
    my %attrs = openCfgFile()
    # return the requested attribute if it exists
    # otherwise, give them a big fat null
    return $attrs{$attr_to_get}
         ? $attrs{$attr_to_get}
         : "NULL";

### open, read, and return the hash.
sub openCfgFile {
    my ($cfg) = shift;            # the file parameter
    # open and read
    open CFG, "<", $cfg or die  "File not found: $!";  
        my @settings = <CFG>;
    close CFG;
    my %values;                  # create the values hash
    foreach (@settings) {       # loop through the file
        chomp;                     # remove endline characters (\n, \r
        s|#.+||;                # remove comments
        s|"(.+?)"|$1|g;            # (not working) allow whitespace fo
+r strings
        s|\s||;                    # remove whitespace
        my( $key, $val) = split /=/; #  begin creating the hash, split
+ the file on the "=" sign
        $values{$key}=$val;             #  create the hash key/values 
    return %values;
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