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Re: Perl and open source

by radiantmatrix (Parson)
on Nov 15, 2004 at 01:20 UTC ( #407746=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Perl and open source

I can think of a few reasons.

First, Perl has its own community and distribution methods: we use CPAN, we publish code on PM and on Perl-specific sites. Perl developers seem less likely to want or use the SourceForge network.

Second, there are things Perl just isn't well-suited to: writing drivers, for example. A great number of SF projects are Linux drivers for things.

Third, while Tk is pretty slick, it isn't the kind of toolkit that many developers and end-users would want for a polished, comprehensive GUI product. I personally like how clean it is, but many developers want to use Qt and GTK and wx* toolkits.

Fourth, C/C++ have been around longer than Perl; they also have more developers.

Fifth, one of the beautiful things about Perl is how it makes small tasks easy to automate and enhance. A lot of how Perl is used results in programs of a few hundred lines that do one particular thing really well. I can't imagine a lot of those "mini-scripts" would get published as SF projects.

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Node Type: note [id://407746]
[ambrus]: And even if this works, I'm still not sure you can't get double timeouts from a Timer.
[ambrus]: Corion: well Prima::Object says something like that the cleanup method will send an onDestory message and that you can't get more messages after cleanup, or something.
[Corion]: ambrus: Yeah - I don't think the deep source dive will be necessary if things are implemented as simple as they could be :)) And hopefully I won't need (more) timely object destruction. I can update the screen at 60Hz and hopefully even do HTTP ...
[Corion]: ... transfers in the background. Now that I think about it, this maybe even means that I can run the OpenGL filters on Youtube input :)
[ambrus]: Corion: I mentioned that the unix event loop of Prima always wakes up at least once every 0.2 seconds. Have you found out whether the win32 event loop of Prima does that too?
[Corion]: ambrus: Hmm - I would assume that the onDestroy message is sent from the destructor and doesn't go through the messageloop, but maybe it is sent when a window gets destroyed but all components are still alive...
[ambrus]: Corion: partly deep source dive, partly just conservative coding even if it adds an overhead.
[Corion]: ambrus: Hmm - no, I haven't looked at wakeup intervals ... I wonder why it should want to wakeup periodically because it gets a lot of messages from the Windows message loop (on Windows obviously)
[ambrus]: (Alternately a deep source dive and then rewrite that event loop to make it better, and then as a bonus you get an idle method.)
[ambrus]: The 0.2 seconds wakeup is likely a workaround for some bug, but I can't guess what bug that is.

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