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redirecting output from a format

by mpeters (Chaplain)
on Nov 29, 2004 at 21:35 UTC ( #411045=perlquestion: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
mpeters has asked for the wisdom of the Perl Monks concerning the following question:

I am trying to redirect the output from the Test::Harness::runtests() method into a scalar. I'm using IO::Scalar to do the job of redirecting STDOUT and it works just like expected, except for one spot. When a subtest fails, Test::Harness uses a format (associated with STDOUT) to create the pretty report that shows which subtests failed, etc. I would also like to capture this report into my scalar, but I haven't been able to do it.
my $test_output; my $IO = IO::Scalar->new(\$test_output); $IO->format_name('STDOUT'); $IO->format_top_name('STDOUT_TOP'); select($IO); eval { runtests(@testfiles); }; $test_output .= $@ if ($@); select(STDOUT);
After doing this, my scalar ($test_output) does not contain the failure report and neither is it printed to the screen. When I try this:
my $test_output; tie(*STDOUT, 'IO::Scalar', \$test_output); eval { runtests(@testfiles); }; $test_output .= $@ if ($@); untie(*STDOUT);
I end up with the same data in $test_output, but the failure report is printed to the screen. Still not what I want... Any suggestions?

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Re: redirecting output from a format
by brian_d_foy (Abbot) on Nov 30, 2004 at 05:46 UTC
    I ran into a similar problem and came up with a very ugly, don't-try-this-at-home solution I posted in use.perl
    my( $totals, $failed ) = eval { local @INC = @INC; local *STDOUT; # Shut up Test::Harness! local *STDERR; # Yeah, you too! my $MM = ExtUtils::MM->new(); # and you! unshift @INC, map { File::Spec->rel2abs($_) } @{ $MM }{ qw( INST_LIB INST_ARCHLIB ) }; Test::Harness::_run_all_tests( @test_files ) };

    I could use Test::Harness::Straps to do this all myself, but at the time I was on a bit of a deadline and wasn't sure I could reproduce everything _run_all_tests did, so I just wrapped it.

    This solution is a slightly (very slightly) easier than shelling out to `make test` and parsing the output since I only needed the percentage of tests that fail. Besides, I was curious if it would work.

    To repeat: very ugly kludge for demonstration purposes only. If you truly, deeply, and sincerely need to do this sort of thing, look at Test::Harness::Straps which can run everything for you and hand you back the information. I haven't done that yet because I've been little-l lazy (or big b Busy).

    brian d foy <>
Re: redirecting output from a format
by Flame (Deacon) on Nov 29, 2004 at 23:33 UTC
    Sorry, it's a well known fact that you can't use IO::String to redirect format calls. format and IO::String As you can see there, I've tried it in the past.

    My code doesn't have bugs, it just develops random features.


Re: redirecting output from a format
by ysth (Canon) on Nov 30, 2004 at 07:15 UTC
    You can't use IO::Scalar, but you can use PerlIO::scalar in 5.8.x:
    format FOO= @||| @||| @||| $x,$y,$z . $x=1;$y=2;$z=3; $save = ""; open FOO, ">", \$save; write FOO; print "got:$save!\n";
    Reopening STDOUT is a little more complicated, but easily doable.
Re: redirecting output from a format
by jZed (Prior) on Nov 29, 2004 at 21:40 UTC
    You need to tie STDERR to a scalar also.
      I did try that in my initial experimentation, and I revisited it again after your suggestion, but still no dice... after I redirected STDERR to a scalar I ended up with nothing there. I did this:
      my $test_output; my $test_err; tie(*STDOUT, 'IO::Scalar', \$test_output); tie(*STDERR, 'IO::Scalar', \$test_err); eval { runtests(@testfiles); }; $test_output .= $@ if ($@); untie(*STDOUT); untie(*STDERR); $test_output .= $test_err;
      $test_output was no different than it was before. No failed test report.
Re: redirecting output from a format
by petdance (Parson) on Nov 30, 2004 at 05:20 UTC
    Why do you want the output from Test::Harness in a scalar? What do you plan to do with it?


      I'm trying to capture it and send it in an email... automated build with an accompanying test whose results are sent to the development team
        So why bother capturing runtests()? Catch the output of make test or prove.

        Here's the smokebot that we use. At some point I should put it into Test::Harness proper.

        #!/bin/sh if [ $# -lt 2 ] then echo Must pass at least a branch, and one email address,. echo plus any parms to echo pass to smoke. exit 1 fi BRANCH=$1 shift MAIL=$1 shift cd $TMP DIR=tw FULLPATH=$TMP/$DIR # This assumes you have already logged in once as anoncvs # so that the password is in your ~/.cvspass file. #cvs -d/home/cvs -Q co -d $DIR -r $REV tw > /dev/null svn co file:///home/svn/tw/$BRANCH $DIR > /dev/null TWROOT=$FULLPATH export TWROOT /home/smoke/tw/Dev/devapache stop > /dev/null 2>&1 /home/smoke/tw/Dev/devapache start > /home/smoke/smoke.out 2>&1. cd $TWROOT smoke $@ >> /home/smoke/smoke.out 2>&1. grep -i "^Failed" /home/smoke/smoke.out > /home/smoke/ if [ -s /home/smoke/ ] then STATUS="FAILED" mail -s"Smoke $REV $@ $STATUS `date`" $MAIL < /home/smoke/smoke.ou +t else STATUS="passed" fi /home/smoke/tw/Dev/devapache stop >> /home/smoke/smoke.out 2>&1.
        Note that smoke is an early predecessor to prove, so modify for your tastes.


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