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Re: Greatest programming mistakes and what to learn from

by wolfger (Deacon)
on Dec 23, 2004 at 13:57 UTC ( #417085=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Greatest programming mistakes and what to learn from

I can't believe nobody mentioned this yet... I guess it sort of goes hand in hand with "back up early and often"... but my biggest mistake (which I have made more than once) is to not do versioning. It's a real pain to have working code, and decide to add some new functionality... maybe rewrite a bit of the original code to streamline things... genercize some old code and turn it into a subroutine that can be utilized by the new code... and in the end you wind up with something that doesn't work! And here I am, with my code rewritten into non-functionality, and I've saved it right over the previous working version.

Version control. It's not just for a multi-person development environment.

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