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Re^2: how perl can connect with mysql

by biofeng918 (Acolyte)
on Jan 09, 2005 at 13:05 UTC ( #420676=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: how perl can connect with mysql
in thread how perl can connect with mysql

I have installed the DBD-mysql by the way of internet. So it should be the most appropiate one for this version perl.

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Re^3: how perl can connect with mysql
by cchampion (Curate) on Jan 09, 2005 at 14:11 UTC

    So now you have amended your code and made sure that the DBD module is installed.

    Did you try again running the code?

    If yes, does it work?

    If not, does it give you any messages?

    Help us to help you. Please read (and practice) Before asking a database related question ....

    Oh, BTW, (I forgot the Monastery mantra)
    use strict and warnings, and a lot of errors will fall in you net without much effort.

      I have run the code after amending, but it still didnot work,it says that syntax eeror at line8 near "insert itnto insert into mytable (name,sex,birth,birthaddr)" and ( might be a runaway multi-line >> string starting on line4) ,unmatched right curly bracket at line8,at end of line. So this is all I know now,thank you again.

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