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Re^4: Replaying Santa Claus Golf Apocalypse with Pugs/Perl6

by TimToady (Parson)
on Mar 12, 2005 at 21:47 UTC ( #439002=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^3: Replaying Santa Claus Golf Apocalypse with Pugs/Perl6
in thread Replaying Santa Claus Golf Apocalypse with Pugs/Perl6

=<> is supposed work the same as magical <> in Perl 5. To explicitly read from standard input would require =$*IN instead.

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Re^5: Replaying Santa Claus Golf Apocalypse with Pugs/Perl6
by rg0now (Chaplain) on Mar 12, 2005 at 22:10 UTC


    my@l= =<>; print @l;
    wants to read from the standard input with current Pugs, even if command line arguments are given! In contrast, as TimToady pointed it out, it should read from the files given in the command line arguments, if there are any!


      rg0now! it's now fixed! :)
        Bad, bad autrijus!...:-)

        You know really well, it is not entirely fixed (but hats off, for the speed). I mean, I looked into the source, as of Pugs r650, and found that = <> , if called with non-empty ARGS[], will only use the first argument, and not the entire list, as required by perlop. But with my limited understanding of Haskell, I could not fix it. And you couldn't either, otherwise, you would not have written "XXX wrong" in the source...:-)))

        Now, I am going to read some good Haskell tutorials...


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