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what the force of many cannot


by AdamQuark (Priest)
on Jun 09, 2005 at 02:29 UTC ( #464937=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Level 2: 15/07/2005

Level 3: 27/07/2005

Level 4: 06/08/2005

Level 5: 23/08/2005

Level 7: 31/10/2005 (Levels revamped)

Level 8 (Pilgrim): 10/12/2005

Level 9 (Friar): 26/02/2006

Level 10 (Hermit): 26/05/2006

Level 11 (Chaplain): 06/09/2006

Level 12 (Deacon): 29/01/2007

Level 13 (Curate): 27/05/2007 - Five days later than predicted, which isn't too bad considering I lost 4 days due to messing up a Kubuntu upgrade and one day due to being away to attend an 80th birthday party.

Level 14 (Priest): 22/11/2007 - 15 days later than predicted. Either I over-estimated my daily XP gain or I underestimated my time away from the keyboard or both. On that note, I'm calling it quits!

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[Cosmic37]: now I have tried another blunder - can anyone explain why I am such a dunderhead?
[Cosmic37]: if ( $line =~ /$mydt/ ) { print $line; }
[Cosmic37]: I try to match successive date times stored in variable $mydt
[Cosmic37]: I guess it is searching for the string "$mydt"
[Corion]: Indeed cool, erix ;)
[Cosmic37]: rather than the value of $mydt which is a date time strong such as 2016-01-01 12:30:56
[Corion]: Cosmic37: No, but maybe $mydt doesn't contain what you think it does, or it contains characters that are special in a regular expression? Try if( $line =~ /\Q$mydt\E/) { ... for a literal match
[Cosmic37]: I mean string grrr
[Corion]: Maybe add an else branch in which you print what the values of $line and $mydt are?
[Cosmic37]: ah thank you I will try

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