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Re^2: PerlMonks Survivor would be won this season by:

by Anonymous Monk
on Jul 21, 2005 at 23:16 UTC ( #477045=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: PerlMonks Survivor would be won this season by:
in thread PerlMonks Survivor would be won this season by:

I think Revelation, not you, should use that warning. Several times he admits not to have tested his codes, hence no one has replied to many of his nodes. Other than 100104...
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Re^3: PerlMonks Survivor would be won this season by:
by Revelation (Deacon) on Jul 27, 2005 at 00:33 UTC
    When I haven't tested code, I like to say that (in the text itself) rather than a footnote.

    Yeash. I came back to this site to find that somebody has insulted everything I posted (or at least five+ of my posts). If you have some problem with my me, why don't you send me a /msg or something? I'm not vain enough to think I'm a perfect programmer, or even a great Perl programmer. I guess I am vain enough to offer solutions and try to help when I can.

    Man, what did I do to you? In fact, who are you? How did I become public enemy #1 on this site?

    If it's really that bad, I guess I'll just leave again.
      Yes! Adolescent angst and melodrama! Hasn't been this entertaining since abigail the fourty fifth ran away again.
      My comments aren't about what you did to me. They're about what you've done to the Perlmonk community. What you've done to me (indirectly) isn't serious anymore, because I don't even recognize it as valid. This isn't the place to discuss that, though. But that is how I found this site to begin with. -100104

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