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Re^2: Process and combine two CSV files into one

by DrAxeman (Beadle)
on Aug 09, 2005 at 16:48 UTC ( #482299=note: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Process and combine two CSV files into one
in thread Process and combine two CSV files into one

Sorry. That was a horrible way to ask for help on something. Now that I'm trying, I find it's harder to ask properly than I thought.

My CSV files look like:

IP,DaysUptime,OS,RAM,OSSP,InstallDate,CPUSpeed,CPUCount,CPUType,19,Microsoft_Windows_2000_Server_Domain_Controller,1024,4, +12_2_2003,995,1,Intel_Pentium_III,266,Microsoft_Windows_2000_Server,2048,3,11_21_2003,3000,4 +,Intel_Xeon,21,Microsoft_Windows_2000_Server,1024,3,11_24_2003,1000,1, +Intel_Pentium_III,25,Microsoft_Windows_2000_Server,1024,3,11_20_2003,1000,1, +Intel_Pentium_III,3,Microsoft_Windows_2000_Server,1024,4,8_28_2002,1000,1,In +tel_Pentium_III,25,Microsoft_Windows_2000_Server,1024,4,5_23_2003,995,2,In +tel_Pentium_III

The files get inputted as hash arrays, %hosts and %sysinfo. I'd like to combined both into %combined, using the IP column as a key. I'd like it to look like:
IP,Domain,ServerName,DaysUptime,OS,RAM,OSSP,InstallDate,CPUSpeed,CPUCo +unt,CPUType,0,,0,,EURORSCG,ERWWDC1,19,Microsoft_Windows_2000_Server_Domain_C +ontroller,1024,4,12_2_2003,995,1,Intel_Pentium_III,EURORSCG,ERWWSQLWEB,266,Microsoft_Windows_2000_Server,2048 +,3,11_21_2003,3000,4,Intel_Xeon

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