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Re^2: Do and Die

by jimbus (Friar)
on Aug 15, 2005 at 19:10 UTC ( #483953=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Do and Die
in thread Do and Die

I tried the following to test for spaces and try your suggestion:

print "=$filename==$localpath/archives/=\n"; system('mv', "'$filename'", "'$localpath/archives/'") or Die ("data +load","YTSMSC","High","Could not move file: $filename for succ essful exit: $@");

Running the code I got complaints from mv, but the or didn't kick in. but the files didn't move, wither. I did an ls with a cut and paste of one of the file names to proven that part is sound.

[reports@clarkkent]/home/reports/ftp/YTSMSC50/test(11): ./ >/home/reports/ftp/YTSMSC50/test/SMSC_COUNTERS_SMSC.0507200200<>/home/ +reports/ftp/YTSMSC50/test/archives/< mv: cannot access '/home/reports/ftp/YTSMSC50/test/SMSC_COUNTERS_SMSC. +0507200200' >/home/reports/ftp/YTSMSC50/test/SMSC_COUNTERS_SMSC.0507200215<>/home/ +reports/ftp/YTSMSC50/test/archives/< mv: cannot access '/home/reports/ftp/YTSMSC50/test/SMSC_COUNTERS_SMSC. +0507200215' >/home/reports/ftp/YTSMSC50/test/SMSC_COUNTERS_SMSC.0507200230<>/home/ +reports/ftp/YTSMSC50/test/archives/< mv: cannot access '/home/reports/ftp/YTSMSC50/test/SMSC_COUNTERS_SMSC. +0507200230' >/home/reports/ftp/YTSMSC50/test/SMSC_COUNTERS_SMSC.0507200245<>/home/ +reports/ftp/YTSMSC50/test/archives/< mv: cannot access '/home/reports/ftp/YTSMSC50/test/SMSC_COUNTERS_SMSC. +0507200245' [reports@clarkkent]/home/reports/ftp/YTSMSC50/test(12): ls archives SMSC_COU +NTERS_SMSC.0507200230 errors SMSC_COUNTERS_SMSC.0507200200 SMSC_COU +NTERS_SMSC.0507200245 SMSC_COUNTERS_SMSC.0507200215 [reports@clarkkent]/home/reports/ftp/YTSMSC50/test(13): ls /home/repor +ts/ftp/YTSMSC50/test/SMSC_COUNTERS_SMSC.0507200230 /home/reports/ftp/YTSMSC50/test/SMSC_COUNTERS_SMSC.0507200230 [reports@clarkkent]/home/reports/ftp/YTSMSC50/test(14): ls -l /home/re +ports/ftp/YTSMSC50/test/SMSC_COUNTERS_SMSC.0507200230 -rw-r--r-- 1 reports staff 47472 Aug 12 12:08 /home/reports/ft +p/YTSMSC50/test/SMSC_COUNTERS_SMSC.0507200230 [reports@clarkkent]/home/reports/ftp/YTSMSC50/test(15):
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