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Re: Programmers are weird

by SamCG (Hermit)
on Aug 31, 2005 at 17:37 UTC ( #488160=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Programmers are weird

Personally, when asked a question I tend to answer the question asked -- particularly if I dislike the asker.

obnoxious pm: Is there a way to <anything>?
me: yes
obnoxious pm: No, what I mean is could you <blah, blah>?
me: yes, I could
obnoxious pm: I'm asking you if it's possible to <blah, blah>.
me: ...

pretty soon, all the people I don't like stop talking to me ;)

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Node Type: note [id://488160]
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[shmem]: .oO( addition of cookies for addiction to cookies )
[Lady_Aleena]: Other than my typos shmem. 8)
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[Discipulus]: tozzetti & vinsanto
[Lady_Aleena]: The whole line is push @line, ref($list_addition ) ? @$list_addition : $list_addition if $list_addition;
[Lady_Aleena]: And I forgot to do the array check, I'm such a doofus today.
[Lady_Aleena]: push @line, ref($list_addition ) eq 'ARRAY' ? @$list_addition : $list_addition if $list_addition; #trying again
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[shmem]: Lasy_Aleena: correct, although for clarity I'd use an if() block, not a statement modifier

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