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Re: Dtrace for Perl

by JSchmitz (Canon)
on Sep 08, 2005 at 20:05 UTC ( #490303=note: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Dtrace for Perl

One of many Dtrace functions output on my Solaris 10 box....
Sample interval is 5 seconds. Total run is > 100 seconds. 0% Interrupts by CPU... 5% Interrupt times... 10% Dispatcher queue length by CPU... 15% Sdt counts... 20% Pages paged in by process... 25% Files opened successfully count... 30% Disk I/O size distribution by process... 35% Minor faults by process... 40% Vminfo data by process... 45% Mib data by mib statistic... 50% TCP write bytes by process... 55% Sample process @ 1000 Hz... 60% Syscall count by process... 65% Syscall count by syscall... 70% Read bytes by process... 75% Write bytes by process... 80% Sysinfo counts by process... 85% New process counts with arguments... 90% Signal counts... 95% Syscall error counts... 100% Done. File is de_Emperor_200509081500.tar.gz
DTrace is seriously handy you can call it through a shell script or a perl script...

cheers -
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