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Re: Perl IDE and New Foreign APIs

by chanio (Priest)
on Sep 10, 2005 at 03:59 UTC ( #490831=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Perl IDE and New Foreign APIs

When I started trying M$ Visual Studio some years ago, I was amazed with those lots of 'gadgets' and its intuitiveness. But some months later, I found myself coding with the Notepad. Just because of the antipedagogic direction of the use of such things. It doesn't let you think ahead, you always have to be choosing things, and you can't remember what you have just typed. A kind of 'Doom'-like defensive programming!

On the other side, you find that all the difficulties of learning how to use emacs would some day allow you to live in a complete city of awsome things (send emails, read news, know about the weather, callendar, chat, etc.).

I now, find myself comfortable using SCite (for me, the best of both worlds). That is easily customizable at most of my needs.

Besides, it seems that all the creators are actually avoiding to start a new and expected era of programming tools. Today, they are all very much alike! And the new thing in all, seems to be M$'s way of programming.

I would like to see some shortcuts that could start a chosen programming schema to apply to the selected code. That would launch a special screen with a graphical drawing where one would name variables and functions involved in that sort of 'pattern'. More 'drawings' for coding. More colors to paint zones. More animations to show 'tendencies'. But all easy to enable/dissable when needed. Every code should have its own personality, its own world.

Yet, XML is not well used as another programming tool. It should talk standards.

A perl IDE shouldn't be based in such relative language expressions as perls. But in a more general sense, in the flow of all the script...

If some IDE could have a tool to dessign screens with Tk, it would become the most famous choice from all the rest of graphical modules.

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