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Re: Perl, Java, and malloc

by pg (Canon)
on Oct 09, 2005 at 16:56 UTC ( #498607=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Perl, Java, and malloc

If anyone thinks that the author was interested in comparing Java and Perl's garbage collection, that was a misunderstanding.

The author's real interest was to compare the memory management implementation between Java and traditional c/c++. Perl was merely mentioned as an example of large c programs.

Whether the quoted source was based on Perl 4.10 or Perl 5.8 was not related to the interest of the author, and does not make a difference to the point the author was trying to make (all he cares is to pick some large c program, although 5.8 is totally different from 4.10 to Perl users, but that's irrelevant in that context). That was why an article in 1994 can still be quoted as a meaningful reference.

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Re^2: Perl, Java, and malloc
by cyocum (Curate) on Oct 09, 2005 at 19:30 UTC

    I seem to have misapprehended the author's intent in my zealousness. I apologize. Next time, I should take a step back before posting. Thank you for pointing this out.

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