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Re: 2005 Perl Advent Calendar

by thor (Priest)
on Dec 05, 2005 at 22:10 UTC ( #514258=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to 2005 Perl Advent Calendar

I don't know about others, but the listing that you provide on that page would be more useful for me if it were alphabetical in addition chronological. That way, if I wanted to recommend a module, I don't have to scan the whole page. I know, I know, my browser has a "find" feature. Still...


The only easy day was yesterday

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Re^2: 2005 Perl Advent Calendar
by belg4mit (Prior) on Dec 05, 2005 at 23:11 UTC
    I don't follow your logic of listing order somehow affecting recommendation but here you go anyways: ASCII-betical

    In Bob We Trust, All Others Bring Data.

      Let's say I'm thinking "Hey, I really like the Frobizinator module! I should recommend it for treatment on the Perl Advent calendar." With an alphabetical listing, I can look very quickly and see if it's received exposure before. That's all. :)


      The only easy day was yesterday

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