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Re: A Vision for Easy Web Application Deployment for Perl

by techcode (Hermit)
on Dec 28, 2005 at 13:21 UTC ( #519540=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to A Vision for Easy Web Application Deployment for Perl

As someone who is making money to pay for the studies by freelancing (as in writing web apps using Perl) I agree with Mark.

And what I do is exactly that - bundle all those modules that are used with the code that I wrote. But unfortunately that is only part of the problems that Perl for Web is facing :(

Even that technique still requires that the end user is messing up with some *.cgi or *.pl files to set up the shebang line ... and to chmod it. So I usually install the applications myself. As I use CGI::App ;) it's only one file that dispatches to modules.

The other great problem is performance. CGI is out because of it performance problems, yet mod_perl still isn't quite suitable for any "Joe" on shared hosting. Mod_php still does it much better. I admit, it doesn't give you the power that mod_perl does - but Joe doesn't care ...

Sure there are other solutions like FastCGI or _____ (just put whatever you like/use here). But do web servers come with that as default? I don't think so - so who (which administrator) would even bother to install that? Especially when php does the job - and is mostly used anyway ...

I believe that Ruby is facing similar performance (CGI vs mod_ruby) problems when it comes to hosting.

When we solve those problems - we can start thinking about better advocating Perl ...

Let's first see what others are doing good and how they are doing it. Then let's adopt it ...

Have you tried freelancing? Check out Scriptlance - I work there.
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