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Re^4: Christmas poem since 1988

by Anonymous Monk
on Dec 31, 2005 at 10:46 UTC ( #520121=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^3: Christmas poem since 1988
in thread Christmas poem since 1988

The starting %: is just brilliant. Congratulations! In the meantime I added LaTeX, zsh and original Bourne Shell (tested on SunOS 5.7) support. Here it is:
%:/*:if 0;false +s &&(#*/include<stdio.h>/* { \egroup\expandafter\ifx\csname documentclass\endcsname\relax \else \documentclass{article}\begin{document} Just another \LaTeX\ hacker, \csname fi\endcsname \end{document} \fi Just another \TeX\ hacker, { \egroup\end } &g;print substr q q Just another Perl hacker, q, 1 and exit; q q " (";}) awk 'BEGIN{printf"%c[A%c[K",27,27 }';sh=sh;test $BASH_VERSION&&sh=bash test $ZSH_VERSION&&sh=zsh echo Just another $sh hacker, && exit; */ int main() { return 0*printf("\ Just another C%s hacker,\n\ ", "++"+2*(1%sizeof'2')); } /* } /Times-Roman findfont 20 scalefont setfont newpath 72 72 moveto (Just another PostScript hacker,) show showpage % q # */

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