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Re: using class module

by serf (Chaplain)
on Jan 22, 2006 at 18:19 UTC ( #524820=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to using class module

Hi perlbeginner10,

by itself, that message:

Global symbol "@stopwordlist" requires explicit package name at create links line 7.

says that you haven't put a my @stopwordlist; or something similar (our, local etc) in your code before you mentioned the array @stopwordlist for the first time.

When you're using use strict; you need to declare your variables first before you use them - that's most of the fun of using strictness! :o)

When you have a more involved problem like the first question in your post:

Can't locate object method "new" via package "Record" (perhaps you forgot to load "Record"?) at create links line 37.

it's often hard if not impossible for us to show you exactly where the error that is causing it is in your code, unless you can post us the code that is throwing the error, which will give us all the help we need to help you.

To do this, if you can you should strip out everything that's not part of the bit needed to re-create the error and just post that. If you're lucky you might even find that the process of paring the code down to the bare minimum may *show* you where the error is coming from and you won't need to ask for help then.

Of course lots of us are keen and eager to help you, but there's always more satisfaction for you in figuring it out yourself than having the answer given to you by someone who already knows that bit - and perhaps you'll get a better grasp of how it works too! :o)

As this code is code calling a module which you have written, it could be pointing to an error in the module itself rather than that code which it trying to invoke it, so it would help to include (a stripped down version of if nescessary) the module as well.

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