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Re: Dynamic @INC under mod_perl2 (Apache2 VirtualHost)

by idsfa (Vicar)
on Mar 28, 2006 at 18:26 UTC ( #539773=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Dynamic @INC under mod_perl2 (Apache2 VirtualHost)

You almost have it. You also need the Parent option. See the docs for more info.

<VirtualHost ...> ServerName dev PerlOptions +Parent PerlSwitches -Mlib=/home/dev/lib/perl </VirtualHost> <VirtualHost ...> ServerName test PerlOptions +Parent PerlSwitches -Mlib=/home/test/lib/perl </VirtualHost>

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Re^2: Dynamic @INC under mod_perl2 (Apache2 VirtualHost)
by ikegami (Pope) on Mar 28, 2006 at 18:37 UTC

    Keeping in mind the important piece of info in the parent post is PerlOptions +Parent, the docs also say -Mlib=... is buggy on certain platforms. -I... does the same thing, except it doesn't remove duplicates (which is no biggy). Therefore, he should keep his -I... and simply add PerlOptions +Parent, as follows:

    <VirtualHost ...> ServerName dev PerlOptions +Parent PerlSwitches -I/home/dev/lib/perl </VirtualHost> <VirtualHost ...> ServerName test PerlOptions +Parent PerlSwitches -I/home/test/lib/perl </VirtualHost>

    I presume his LoadModule needs to be placed in <VirtualHost> for it to work?

      Thank you - I am making progress.

      I've setup Apache to listen on port 8080 and Included VH config file like so:

      But I get this error, despite my best efforts:
      Can't locate object method "log_error" via package "Apache2::RequestRe +c" at /home/graq/lib/GRAQ/ line 56.

      This all used to work with liberal smatterings of <Perl> use lib 'home/graq/lib';</Perl> and I'm getting a little lost on exactly what effects my changes have had on the mod_perl environment.

      I remember having this error when porting from mp1 to mp2, but can't find any notes on it or hints from the docs on what object I should have in handler...?

      -=( Graq )=-
        Looking through the Apache2::RequestRec documentation shows that log_error actually exists on Apache2::Log (which extends Apache2::RequestRec).

        For whatever reason, that extension was not loaded with the new configuration. Adding use Apache2::Log; to my modules fixed the problem.

        Thank you all for your help

        -=( Graq )=-

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