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First JAPH attempt

by robsv (Curate)
on Jan 25, 2001 at 00:41 UTC ( #54121=obfuscated: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

Here's my first attempt at a JAPH obfuscation:
@a = qw(!57Just_Ano th60er_Perl 38_Hacker ____37_\); $a67=$b+-$$; $aa58=$bb; $a[_]=82+$aa+$b; until$aa64<$$aa $a=$b+-66*$$aa; $a[$b]=48-_; $a[$aa]=82;$a 72=$a;; $ab=66+--$bb 40=$c<$b;; 34<$a+$b- 80+$a/_; $a[$b++]=64%$bb;; $a=60+$d $c[$a]=70+$a 53-$x; $a86=$$_-$d; $aa57=$ab; $c[$aa]=55*_; $c[$bb]=41*$bb; $mm=83+$_-$$_; $a=57*$b/$_-$a 50*$_[_]; $mm=$aab+32-$$_; $aa64=$f -$a48+_; $jj=39/$a a64+-$mm; $fa73=$f-$c;; $g=34*$+$h _70*$_+-$a 72-$$_; $a=$b+\(81-$b++); foreach (@a) { @_ = reverse $_ =~ /(\D+)*(\d)(\d)(\D+)/; $_[1] ^= $_[2]; $_[2] = $_[1]^ $_[2]; $_[1] ^= $_[2]; $u = join '', @_[1,2]; $_[1] = pop(@_); $b = $#_---2; for ( $b..$#_) {push @x, $b .= length($_[$_] ); } $x[$#x] = pop(@x); $a[$a++] = pack "C",$u; } print unpack "u",eval unpack "u",join'',@a ;
I know this isn't a canonical JAPH (as per merlyn), but I'll make sure future ones are. - robsv

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