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roboticus's scratchpad

by roboticus (Chancellor)
on Apr 12, 2006 at 01:10 UTC ( #542721=scratchpad: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??


Adding line numbering to PM nodes:

Add the following to the "Display Settings / Code Prefix": <b><font color="red">&01;</font></b>&nbsp; found at New code wrap options.

Making "Vote" and "I've checked all these" buttons float at top of screen:

Add the following to "Display Settings / On-Site CSS Markup":

input[name="sexisgreat"] { position: fixed; top: 0px; left: 0px; z-index:1; padding: 5px; border: 4px solid red; } input[name="viewedNewNodes"] { position: fixed; top: 0px; left: 0px; z-index:1; padding: 5px; border: 4px solid green; }

BrowserUk: Here's a quickie gnuplot script to show the log/log behaviour of the expN function.

# bloom_exp_chart.plt # set term pdf # expression parameters N=2500 Xmax=10*N # chart parameters set output "foo_log_xy.pdf" set logscale xy plot [1:Xmax] (1-exp(-x/N)), (1-exp(-x/N))**2, (1-exp(-x/N))**3, ( +1-exp(-x/N))**4, \ (1-exp(-x/N))**5, (1-exp(-x/N))**6, (1-exp(-x/N))**7, ( +1-exp(-x/N))**8 quit

#!/usr/bin/perl # # <num_strings> <min_length> <max_length> <al +phabet> # my $num_strings = shift; my $min_length = shift; my $max_length = shift; my $alphabet = shift or die "Missing argument(s)!"; my $alphabet_len = length($alphabet); while ($num_strings--) { my $num_chars = int(rand($max_length-$min_length+1))+$min_length; my $string = ''; $string .= substr($alphabet, int(rand($alphabet_len)), 1) for 1 .. $num_chars; print $string, "\n"; }
#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use Encode qw(encode decode); my $text="The quick red fox jumped over the lazy brown dog. 0123456789 +"; my $txt_ASCII = encode("iso-8859-1", $text); my $txt_EBCDIC = encode("cp37", $text); print "ORIGINAL: $text\n"; print "EBCDIC : $txt_EBCDIC\n"; print "ASCII : $txt_ASCII\n";
louis.roca: Current feedback (2011/02/01) on RFC: A Design Proposed for Anonymous Monk (logged out view):
  • I think I'd keep the sidebar fixed size, rather than letting it grow/shrink. I don't know the size on mine, but it's pretty narrow (perhaps 20% wide).
  • Chatterbox text input box should be as wide as possible. Currently has a vacant area to the left. Also, it may be nice to have it a bit taller, so more of a longer message can be visible, such as room enough for two lines instead of only one line, so scrolling through it would be a bit nicer.
  • Thanks for darkening the background on the code, it looks great. I also love the fact that the download link is no longer necessary.
  • I'd suggest swapping the Login button and the Remember Me checkbox, as I think it'll be a bit better aligned visually with the username and password.
  • Wrapped "Others in monestary". I like the wrapping to save space, but would suggest a line break after the "As of date/time".
  • Some visual marker for marking the nodelets would be good. Outdenting the nodelet names a bit, or a light rule between them, changing the foreground text color for headings, or changing the background color (wouldn't need much, just enough to make the different nodelets a bit more obvious.
  • I don't like giving away screen space needlessly, so I'd shrink the footer a little bit. (Then again, I'll be logged in, and can remove the fixed attribute from the footer style thing. So it's probably one of the items to ignore.)

Marto: Here's an example CirCAD file. There's a reasonable amount of boilerplate in the front. I basically just plopped a 1" radius circle in the drawing at 5.000,5.000. (See the end of the file for at.)
Contents: CIRCAD Version 5.0 Data File. File Name: C:\Program Files\OmniGlyph\example.pcb File Type: PCB File Date: 04/12/10 File Time: 08:53 am Units:: Default:1.00000" Table:25399.99983236Ám,25.39999983236mm,2.539 +999983236cm,0.02539999983236m ZeroPoint:: X:0 Y:0 Gridsnaps:: Current:.025" Index:3 Table:.001",.005",.025",.100",.025mm Layer:: Type:0 Screen:+AA00AA Print:+55FF55 Name:Pad Master Layer:: Type:4 Screen:+FFFF00 Print:+0000FF Name:Symbols Layer:: Type:7 Screen:+00AA00 Print:+FF55FF Name:CAM Control Layer:: Type:0 Screen:+000000 Print:+FFFFFF Name:Top Silk Layer:: Type:8 Screen:+555555 Print:+AAAAAA Name:Bottom Silk Layer:: Type:1 Screen:-55AA55 Print:-AA55AA Name:Top Mask Layer:: Type:9 Screen:-AA55AA Print:-55AA55 Name:Bottom Mask Layer:: Type:2 Screen:+AA0000 Print:+55FFFF Name:Top Copper Layer:: Type:10 Screen:+0000AA Print:+FFFF55 Name:Bottom Copper Layer:: Type:3 Screen:+FF5555 Print:+00AAAA Name:Vcc Layer:: Type:3 Screen:+5555FF Print:+AAAA00 Name:Gnd Layer:: Type:2 Screen:+5555FF Print:+AAAA00 Name:Mid Layer 1 Layer:: Type:2 Screen:+55FF55 Print:+AA00AA Name:Mid Layer 2 Layer:: Type:2 Screen:+55FFFF Print:+AA0000 Name:Mid Layer 3 Layer:: Type:2 Screen:+FF5555 Print:+00AAAA Name:Mid Layer 4 Layer:: Type:7 Screen:+FFAA00 Print:+0055FF Name:Top Iso Layer:: Type:7 Screen:+00AAFF Print:+FF5500 Name:Bottom Iso Layer:: Type:7 Screen:+FFFF00 Print:+00FFFF Name:Ratnest Display:: Layer:"Top Silk" DrawModes:00030607 DotSpacing:.1 DotColor:F +FFFFF BackgroundColor:909090 HighlightColor:FFFFFF AttentionColor:FFF +F00 Print:: Flags:47,0,24 Scaling:1 Bounds:0,0;0,0 NetScan:: LineToLine:.008" LineToPad:.012" PadToPad:.016" RatLine:.011 +" FloodFill:: FloodToLine:.009" FloodToPad:.013" FloodLine:.011" HatchGr +id:.025" TargetLayer:0 TopIsolation:: PassCount:3 IsoTool:.010" IsoOverlap:.003" IsoClearance +:.000" FloodTool:.000" FloodOverlap:.000" FloodClearance:.000" Target +Layer:15 SourceLayers:0,2,7 BottomIsolation:: PassCount:3 IsoTool:.010" IsoOverlap:.003" IsoCleara +nce:.000" FloodTool:.000" FloodOverlap:.000" FloodClearance:.000" Tar +getLayer:16 SourceLayers:0,2,8 Library:: Name:THD.LIB Library:: Name:SMD.LIB Library:: Name:PCB.LIB GerberOut:: MaskPadSwell:.010" StencilPadShrink:.005" PlanePadSwell:.0 +05" PlaneHoleSwell:.030" FloodLineWidth:.002" GerberFile:: Type:6 Suffix:TSS Layers:3 GerberFile:: Type:14 Suffix:BSS Layers:4 GerberFile:: Type:2 Suffix:TSM Layers:5 GerberFile:: Type:10 Suffix:BSM Layers:6 GerberFile:: Type:0 Suffix:TOP Layers:7 GerberFile:: Type:8 Suffix:BOT Layers:8 GerberFile:: Type:4 Suffix:DRL GerberFile:: Type:7 Suffix:LST GerberFile:: Type:5 Suffix:SYM Layers:1 DefaultLine:: Width:.010" Style:0 DefaultArc:: Radius:1.000" Width:.010" DefaultPad:: Type:T1 Size:.060" Hole:.038" DefaultText:: Height:.096" DefaultVia:: Type:T3 Size:.050" Hole:.028" DefaultXYDimension:: Size:.096" Component:: Flags:4 Bounds:-.005,-.005;10.005,7.505 Name:"$$BOX" Line:: Layer:"Symbols" Width:.010" Vertices:0,0;10,0 Line:: Layer:"Symbols" Width:.010" Vertices:10,0;10,7.5 Line:: Layer:"Symbols" Width:.010" Vertices:10,7.5;0,7.5 Line:: Layer:"Symbols" Width:.010" Vertices:0,7.5;0,0 EndComp:: InsertionPoint:0,0 Component:: Flags:4 Bounds:8.345,5.87;10.005,7.505 Name:"$$DTD" Line:: Layer:"Symbols" Width:.010" Vertices:8.35,7.5;10,7.5 Line:: Layer:"Symbols" Width:.010" Vertices:10,7.5;10,5.875 EndComp:: InsertionPoint:10,7.5 Component:: Flags:4 Bounds:6.495,-.005;10.005,1.255 Name:"$$TTL" Text:: Layer:"Symbols" InsertionPoint:6.55,.1 Height:.060" Length:.24 +Data:Title: Text:: Layer:"Symbols" InsertionPoint:7,.075 Height:.126" Length:2.436 + Data:Example CirCAD Drawing Line:: Layer:"Symbols" Width:.010" Vertices:6.5,0;6.5,.25 Line:: Layer:"Symbols" Width:.010" Vertices:6.5,.25;10,.25 Line:: Layer:"Symbols" Width:.010" Vertices:6.5,0;10,0 Line:: Layer:"Symbols" Width:.010" Vertices:10,0;10,1.25 EndComp:: InsertionPoint:10,0 Arc:: Layer:"Top Silk" Center:5,5 Radius:1.000" Width:.010" END OF FILE
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