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Re^2: [Culture] brian d foy name is allways lower case: why?

by jimbojones (Friar)
on May 15, 2006 at 15:53 UTC ( #549536=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: [Culture] brian d foy name is allways lower case: why?
in thread [Culture] brian d foy name is allways lower case: why?


The more intersting question is why you think that's strange, given that you aren't using your own name. I use my name just about everywhere (that lets me) instead of a "screen name", and yet I'm the one who's made the odd choice. :)

Personally, I don't find it strange that you are using your One True Name as your sign-on. Also, one should certainly have the freedom to use and spell (construct?) whatever name or set of names one wants. What I think is strange is that you've published rules to tell others how to construct your name in a format that is contrary to standard usage. To the point of asking people to rework sentences so that they never start with brian d foy. Sure, bell hooks and k.d. lang have done it, too, but my guess is most people consider that strange, too.

Maybe this would all appear a little less strange if the Javascript to pop the "please indulge a certain McLuhanesque conceit" footnote that frames the rules worked when I clicked the "*" link :)

A question: We know from your use.perl journals and Programming is combat that you are in or were in the armed services. Does Uncle Sam respect the rules? My guess is that Rule 1 (same case) is probably okay, while Rule 1b (preferrably lowercase) is not, and the atomicity of brian + d foy is out the window :)

Or is it that brian d foy is a handle that is used as much as possible in the technical sphere, whereas some group of people (the IRS, the DoD, your family, the scientific community, etc) use varying combinations of "Brian", "B", "D", "Foy", "Dr.", "Ph.D.", "Lieutenant" (sorry, don't know your rank), etc, more like the chromatic model. Unless of course chromatic's mom calls him "chromatic". Now that would be strange.

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