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jdporter's bookmarks and miscellany

by jdporter (Canon)
on Jun 20, 2006 at 15:08 UTC ( #556425=note: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to jdporter's treehouse
in thread jdporter

signs of intelligent life (in case anyone's searching ;-)

Top 10 reasons to start using ack

ack is a tool like grep, aimed at programmers with large trees of heterogeneous source code.

ack is written purely in Perl, and takes advantage of the power of Perl's regular expressions.

Win32 Perl Wiki

Discussion of my CPAN modules⇒ on CPANforum⇒.

The Computer Technology Documentation Project

Computational Linguistics

She's a supermodel. She's a philosopher. What more do you want?

Comic aboutDigitalKitty (by jkva's better half)

On 2005-10-14, I cleaned up some ancient cruft. The most interesting thing I found (and fixed) was the following. In the thread of Site How To (which, btw, is no longer an official site doc), some people had posted "root" question nodes as replies. Apparently they didn't know how to go to Seekers of Perl Wisdom and scroll to the bottom. So I yanked those nodes out and made them root nodes in the SoPW section. They were:

My Free Nodelet Hacks:

my patches

Some of my root and pseudo-root nodes:

2006-02-01SoPW SharePoint automation
2004-04-06Med There's Only One Way To Do It
2006-01-03Med Strategy Handles
2002-11-14Tut PerlMonks for the Absolute Beginner
2002-11-09PMD Make Purpose of each Section clear
2002-11-26PMD Automate your PerlMonks activities
2006-01-12PMD Pre-empt the node named 'Friar'
2003-03-03CUFP Create and Pop Up Outlook Notes from Perl
2006-01-11CUFP Control and Query Win32 Services at the command line
2003-01-27Code Check for recent replies to your posts
2004-08-15Code Statistics::SGT
2005-07-16Code Tie::Scalar::Substring
2002-11-06snip map-like hash iterator
2002-11-19snip IO::MultiHandle - Operate on multiple file handles as one
2003-05-01snip call setrlimit to limit process resource usage
2003-06-06snip Read and write Windows "shortcut" links
2005-08-29pmdevtopic Site section superdocs need sitedoclets
2006-02-06pmdevtopic in monktitlebar, link to sections by id?
2006-02-07pmdevtopic Let link text for patches be 'reason' rather than 'title'?
2006-02-12pmdevtopic Proposal for some new/improved shortcut types
2006-03-20pmdevtopic Uniform set of categories for all sections that have them?

In <32623.959291225@chthon>, tchrist wrote:

A programmer who hasn't been exposed to all four of the imperative,
functional, objective, and logical programming styles has one or
more conceptual blindspots.  It's like knowing how to boil but not
fry.  Programming is not a skill one develops in five easy lessons.

The Young Man and the Beach⇒ by tchrist

Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures⇒ at the (U.S.) National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Some interesting homenode replies:

O'Reilly has 36 syndication feeds:

The links above are to their default, which is Atom. If you want RSS1/RDF, append ?format=rss1 to the URL. If you want RSS0.9x/2.0, append ?format=rss2 to the URL.
Interesting thread: Useless unless. The "suggestion that Perl should have an otherwise" came from me. This thread is really about two issues: unless and otherwise. I don't care about the unless bit.

PP!n!PO o!G+OLCC+OLJ+OLP---OLL+Ee-Ev+Eon-uL++uS+w-

I became a ham⇒ on November 22, 2004. My call sign is KI4HTE.

Why do I go by "jdporter"?

This is my entry in the Thread That Dare Not Speak Its Name.

If you're interested in the geographical location of monks:

And don't miss the amazing pmplanet!

Two awesome lists of Perl resources:

Resources for Learning Perl

    In this order:
  2. Picking Up Perl
  3. Beginning Perl

Useful Bookmarks

Internal: External:

Design Patterns in Perl


  • Greenspun's Tenth Rule of Programming: "Any sufficiently complicated C or Fortran program contains an ad-hoc, informally-specified bug-ridden slow implementation of half of Common Lisp."
  • Zawinski's Law of Software Envelopment: "Every program attempts to expand until it can read mail. Those programs which cannot so expand are replaced by ones which can."
  • Porter's Conflation: "Every sufficiently complicated program includes a half-baked implementation of half of the POP (or IMAP) spec." For example:

On-line Bibles

Sometimes you hear people speaking obliquely about something in merlyn's past. Curious? Check it out⇒.

Single-Serving Goal: "the best phrase guides and language aides on the web and the most useable maps and trail guides."



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by Tanktalus (Canon) on Jan 26, 2007 at 20:59 UTC

    Updates more-or-less every 5 minutes (except when there is no activity). Extracted from Tanktalus' CB Stats' database. Feedback
    Shows the last hour or so, but never more than will fit in 64k, nor over two hours. Other sources of cb history
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    Previous message (not shown): Aug 29, 2014 at 21:46 UTC
    [dcronin135]How do I get this whole thread out of the Lime Light?
    [Lady_Aleena]What thread?
    [RonW]"MS Access in 21 Minutes"? No wonder there are so many *awful* Access apps polluting the office PCs
    [Lady_Aleena]I took a multiweek class on MS Access and still couldn't make a pretty database interface with it.
    [RonW]I'm not talking about pretty
    [Lady_Aleena]I couldn't even make a functional database with it. It is just awful.
    [RonW]Anyway, Hi
    [RonW]I've never tried to write an app using MSA, but I've been forced to use many. They are awful
    [dcronin135]How do I get "node_id=1098695" out of the Lime Light. I see no effort to help goes unpunished.
    [runrig]and don't sweat it
    [runrig]FWIW, I upvoted it, and see that others have also
    [runrig]and mr. nastygram was heavily downvoted...
    [runrig]and berated
    [RonW]It looks pretty far down the new notes list, so it should fizzle out in a few hours
    [runrig]unless we keep talking about it...
    [Lady_Aleena]dcronin135, you can create links to nodes by typing [id://1098695] which will create RFC Using PERL HEREDOC script within bash. :)
    [RonW]Yeah, I up voted it, too. Is a legit way to handle some real situations
    [runrig]I did that once in a shell script to do some semi-non-trivial date manipulation...and the other developer panicked over having to maintain perl...
    [RonW](s)he doesn't know real programming language panic until trying to maintain APL
    [runrig]I've inherited some kdb, whose ancestor is APL
    [runrig]you can download the demo version if you like...
    [RonW]Can APL even be typed in this chat (m &#8592; +/&#953;n)
    [RonW]Obviously not
    [runrig]APL is greek to me
    [RonW]I've dealt with APL. A few of the "old school" electronics designers I've worked with used APL for circuit simulation
    [runrig]Used to use it back in physics class...
    [RonW]APL is "greek" to a Greek
    [ww]and the "A" is for "ambiguous," "alarming," "assinine" or what?
    [ambrus]what's up with APL?
    [runrig]I've forgotten anything I knew about it
    [ambrus]RonW: you can't type apl in code tags, you'll have to type it without (possibly in <tt> tags) and escape any less than signs and ampersands by hand
    [RonW]a comment was made about someone panicing about maintaining Perl. I countered with try maintaining APL
    [RonW]Hmm, like this: m ← +/ιn
    [RonW]Cool. Thanks
    [ambrus]RonW: you know, since I'm working in programming for a day job, I'm quite sure people can write unmaintainable code in any language
    [RonW]Not that I deal with APL anymore, but useful to know more about what character chat can handle and how
    [ambrus]nice! but it would look more like traditional APL if you wrote all the variables in italicized uppercase letters :-)
    [RonW]I most definitely know that maintainable code can be written in any language. APL has the "advantage" of shock value
    [runrig]learn kdb and you can charge an exorbitant consulting fee
    [runrig]..unless you already do charge such a fee...
    [RonW]Never hear do kdb. What industries use it?
    [runrig]at least you can do kdb with mere ascii...
    [runrig]...though it doesn't help much...if at all
    [RonW]you can do APL with mere ASCII, but it's even more torturous
    [runrig]financial...for time series (i.e., e.g., tick) data

    ↑Previous Hour↑
    ↓Current Hour↓

    [RonW]I have almost no financial background
    [RonW]I guess this is semi understandable: a=: +/ % #
    [RonW]sum a series, then divide by the count
    [runrig]apparently is used in lots of vertical markets including Utilites for meter reading: (
    [runrig](analyzing the meter data, that is)
    [RonW]interesting. Thanks
    [Lady_Aleena]Lady_Aleena finished doing the bills, so is now bored.
    [runrig]yes, that apl looks just like kdb... (though the language is called q or k depending on what you're doing)
    [RonW]We aren't entertaining enough?
    [runrig]kdb is the database, k is the base language, and q is built on top of k
    [runrig]i think
    [Lady_Aleena]I just got back so have to catch up.
    [RonW]Can never catch us
    [Lady_Aleena]I'm caught up but know nothing about the topic(s) of discussion.
    [RonW]Well, we know very little, so you're not far behind us
    [runrig]Your assignment is to work throught the project euler problems in q
    [Lady_Aleena]Good, I feel inadequate enough when talking about perl.
    [RonW]You are learning and we are happy to assist
    [Lady_Aleena]I've not written a fresh perl anything for months. I still have so much to fix it daunts me.
    [RonW]Besides, you did a website from scartch in Perl. That's far from inadequate
    [runrig]here's #1: sum distinct raze { ?[0=x mod y; x; 0] } [til 999] each 3 5
    [Lady_Aleena]My website is down due to technical problems (the code is broken and I don't have a fix).
    [RonW]Overwhelmed is a condition I am far too familiar with
    [RonW]Web hosting services frequently cause code to break
    [thezip]LA, did you manage to heed any of our warnings to not make your code so cryptic?
    [Lady_Aleena]I have two options for restoring my site: wait for my web server to upgrade the default perl or rip stuff out of my data and restore all the html I riipped out.
    [RonW]It's a "value added atrocity" they are all too happy to provide
    [thezip]You currently have two options for restoring your site, until you come up with a third, and then a fourth.
    [Lady_Aleena]thezip, I'm not sure what you are referring to. Bad variable names, lack of comments or pod, etc.
    [thezip]I'm talking about your penchant for combining three lines of simple Perl into one obfuscated and unmaintainable line of code.
    [Lady_Aleena]I thought I was getting better when it came to that.
    [thezip]I apparently haven't seen your code lately, then
    [Lady_Aleena]Neither have I.
    [thezip]I'm not trying to be rude, really. Where's your code?
    [Lady_Aleena]The problem code or just an example of my coding practices in general?
    [thezip]Why haven't you seen your code?
    [RonW]Try this for obtuse code: <.@o. 10x^n
    [thezip]RonW, that's a fish digesting its lunch...
    [thezip]... rendered in ASCII, of course
    [RonW]Multiplies elements of an array by 10 times x to the nth
    [Lady_Aleena]I haven't looked at my code in months. I got into housecleaning during which I really injured myself badly. Since the injury, I have been more than a little depressed being unable to finish what I started because I can't do much still.
    [Lady_Aleena]It took a month to heal enough for me to sit in my office chair for more than a minute without screaming in pain.
    [RonW]Some languages are so bizarre - like this expression: (($:@(<#[), (=#[), $:@(>#[)) ({~ ?@#)) ^: (1<#)
    [thezip]I'm sorry, that must really suck. So are you saying you're now ready to look at your code again, or would you just like to talk about it with us?
    [RonW]How is the pain, now Aleena?
    [Lady_Aleena]I'm not sure what I am up for now. However, I put a module I wrote for my site up on my scratchpad if you want to see my latest stuff.
    [Lady_Aleena]My arms are still fairly weak. I have trouble lifting more than a few pounds (a gallon of milk sometimes strains my arms). I have to stand every half an hour or so to take the pressure off of my tailbone which I bruised badly and still gives me trouble.
    [RonW]Sounds like your tail bone was more than bruised
    [Lady_Aleena]I haven't done any major work on my site since last December when I installed Debian. There is still a lot of teething problems with my new OS too.
    [Lady_Aleena]RonW, I have been told bone bruises take a LONG while to heal.
    [RonW]After a quick read-through, your module looks decent, Aleena
    [Lady_Aleena]I am sure it can be tweaked to be better. Also I am fully aware of modules on CPAN which are similar, however, I don't feel comfortable with their approaches.
    [RonW]Often, the learning experience is more than worth the cost
    [Lady_Aleena]I wrote the module to separate the munging of data from the display of the data.
    [RonW]Which is a good thing to do
    [Lady_Aleena]I have mostly succeeded though there are still places with failures.

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