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Re: Re: use strict;

by davorg (Chancellor)
on Feb 01, 2001 at 22:43 UTC ( #55785=note: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: use strict;
in thread use strict;

When you're running perl you are using the version of Perl from your path. This seems to be fine.

When running ./ you're using the version in /usr/contrib/bin/perl. Looks like that's Perl version 4. to confirm this type
/usr/contrib/bin/perl -v at your command line.

To fix it, find out which version of Perl is on your path by typing which perl and replace the /usr/contrib/bin/perl in your script with the results of that command.


"Perl makes the fun jobs fun
and the boring jobs bearable" - me

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