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Re: CGI vs ASP

by titivillus (Beadle)
on Jul 14, 2006 at 05:42 UTC ( #561150=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to CGI vs ASP

You can write CGI in any (for varying values of 'any') language. But with Activestate Perl, you can write your ASP in Perl, if you wish. I find that most Perl people are Unix people and Free/Open Source Software people. This is a good and wonderful thing, but it means dealing with anything Microsoft is bad. There are worse things than Microsoft -- I'd work with VB anytime before I touch Tcl again -- so I'll put aside those feelings and get directly to a practical place. Which is, ASP follows a PHP-like stance of putting the code within markup (lead the way, actually, but you get my point), while CGI puts the markup within code. So, if we were to build a 10x10 multiplication table, it'd be something like this in CGI/Perl:
print qq(<table>) ; for my $a ( 1 .. 10 ) { print qq(<table><tr>) ; for my $b ( 1 .. 10 ) { my $c = $a * $b ; print qq(<td> $c </td>) ; } print qq(</tr>) ; } print qq(</table>) ;
While something about the same in ASP would look more like this, although it's more PHP-ish and pseudocode:
<table> <? for my $a ( 1 .. 10 ) { ?> <tr> <? for my $b ( 1 .. 10 ) { ?> <td><? ($a * $b) ?></td> <? } ?> </tr> <? } ?> </table>
You can do interesting things in the Visual-Basic-like Microsoft languages. I have. Writing them isn't nearly as pleasurable as writing them in Perl, which is why I'm not a VB-monk, assuming any such thing exists. But if you want the code-within-markup experience, and you have a Unix/Linux server around, PHP would good (and cheaper than MS licenses) solution. And there might be Perl things that do it, too, but I don't know of anything.

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