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Re^4: Perl is dying (thread depth cut-off)

by Aristotle (Chancellor)
on Jul 16, 2006 at 08:00 UTC ( #561524=note: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^3: Perl is dying
in thread Perl is dying

You must not have been around at Perlmonks for very long. Threads are cut off at a certain depth; I think three is the default. That is, by default, a Re^3 will show up in full, but Re^4 and deeper need to be clicked to read them. It doesn’t have anything to do with noderep.

Makeshifts last the longest.

Comment on Re^4: Perl is dying (thread depth cut-off)
Re^5: Perl is dying (thread depth cut-off)
by Anonymous Monk on Jul 16, 2006 at 13:56 UTC

    I said "reputation". The complainer said simply "depth" but was talking about how downvotes had damaged their nodes. Perhaps I haven't been around PerlMonks long enough to remember when downvoting caused a thread's reply depth to drop below the default threshold?

    Even if the complainer meant " reply depth", then that just becomes a bizarre aside that belies their claim that these nodes were so "useful" and doesn't detract from my point that the one user downvoting their old nodes did no damage to the usefulness of their nodes (mostly the only damage was to the complainer's XP).

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