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Re^2: search position is getting reset after 'local'

by serf (Chaplain)
on Nov 18, 2006 at 23:16 UTC ( #584895=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: search position is getting reset after 'local'
in thread search position is getting reset after 'local'

That's a good question. From what I've read in his other threads he's not likely to answer such a direct question though.

Unfortunately, from having read all of jesuashok's nodes now, I have learned (thanks to the good detective work of monks such as liverpole and yourself) that a high percentage of them, like this one, are plagerised.

It is apparent that a fair number of them (despite having had lots of monks -- them) still have a net positive reputation.

For example, his (currently, as of 18 Nov 2006) highest scoring node (which also happens to be plagerised) at the moment has a rep of 80 even though 45 people have downvoted it.

It seems to me that he wants to increase his XP, (like money, it's a lot more important to those who don't have much of it) and he has found that by copying interesting (and as obscure as possible) questions off the Interwebs and posting them here... enough people will come along and see them and think "that's a good question" and ++ it - not knowing (or perhaps even caring? - I hope they would!) at the time that they vote on it, that it is a plagerised question.

The net result of this, even though the finding of the node may cause outrage in the monastary and score him lots of --, is that he gains XP.

Even though plagerism goes against what the monastary believes in, even though there's no personal pride in posting it (unless he has managed to sneak in some plagerised questions which he has changed enough for the originals to not be Googleable from them, so they're below the radar and haven't been picked up by us yet - perhaps he gets a kick out of that), he has learned through experience that posting other people's questions helps him get the XP he wants.

From the range of his questions, some incredibly technical and in-depth (sometimes right over my head) and some that seem so basic that I'm shocked that someone who could understand enough to post the in-depth questions would need to ask such a thing, I become more and more suspicious that there are more of his posts that have not been brought to light, but like the others are cut and pasted from other places.

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